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ScriptsОльга RussianUkrainian Олга SerbianBulgarian Ολγα Greek
PronouncedPron.OL-gə Russian
AWL-ga PolishGerman
AWL-ka Icelandic

Meaning & History

Russian form of HELGA. The Varangians brought it from Scandinavia to Russia. The 10th-century Saint Olga was the wife of Igor I, grand prince of Kievan Rus (a state based around the city of Kiev). Following his death she ruled as regent for her son for 18 years. After she was baptized in Constantinople she attempted to convert her subjects to Christianity.
VariantsOlha Ukrainian Helga German Helga Swedish Helga Norwegian Helga Danish Helga Icelandic Helga Hungarian
DiminutivesOlya Russian Olgica, Olja Serbian
Masculine FormsOleg Russian Oleh Ukrainian Helge German Helge Swedish Helge Norwegian Helge Danish
Other Languages & CulturesHelga Ancient Scandinavian Volha Belarusian Helga Dutch Aila, Aili, Helka, Oili, Laila Finnish Olgica Macedonian Áile, Láilá Sami Oľga Slovak
Same SpellingOľga
User SubmissionOlgá


Painting of Saint Olga by Mikhail Nesterov (1892)Painting of Saint Olga by Mikhail Nesterov (1892)


American Horror Story characters, artists, athletes, currently out of the US top 1000, Franz Kafka characters, Hey Arnold characters, literature, princesses, saints, storms, Tiger and Bunny characters, Xeno characters, Ys characters
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