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I like this name a lot for the way it’s spelled “Olimpia”. The spelling alone adds a new twist to the classic and equally gorgeous name of “Olympia”. Just beautiful and sweet at the same time.
― Anonymous User  2/27/2019
The best known namesake is likely Olimpia Mancini (known as Olympe in France and sometimes spelled Olympia in English), Countess of Soissons, the niece of Cardinal Mazarin. Another namesake is Olimpia Fulvia Morata, an Italian scholar.
abirami  2/10/2017
Hungarian pronunciation: O-lim-pi-aw.
HerculePoirot  8/26/2016
The only problem with Olimpia is that it makes me think of a woman of "Olympian" size. This could either be a woman of grand stature, or a woman of huge weight.

Either way, it would make a great name for an imposing Opera diva.
JJSkeete  7/31/2010
I love this name. It's very beautiful and this spelling is prettier than Olympia. But Olympia is nice as well.
bananarama  10/30/2009

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