Names Related to Oralee

Names that are related to ORALEE:
ARANKA   f   Hungarian
AURÉL   m   Hungarian
AUREL   m   German, Romanian, Czech, Slovak
AURÈLE   m   French
AURÉLIA   f   Hungarian
AURELIA   f   Ancient Roman, Italian, Romanian, Polish
AURELIANA   f   Italian, Ancient Roman
AURELIANO   m   Spanish, Italian
AURELIANUS   m   Ancient Roman
AURÉLIE   f   French
AURÉLIEN   m   French
AURELIJA   f   Lithuanian
AURELIJUS   m   Lithuanian
AURELIO   m   Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
AURELIUS   m   Ancient Roman
AURELIUSZ   m   Polish
ORAL   m   German (Swiss)
ORALEE   f   English (Rare)
ORALIE   f   English (Rare)