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Sounds so old fashioned.
kayisforkeen  9/23/2018
The meaning of strong bear or what ever is only true for Norwegian or Germans. It is my last name and I have done considerable research.
My ancestors came from England in the 1600s. The name comes from The Isle of Wight, where, coincidentally, there is a castle named The Royal House of Osborn.
Originally the name was AUGUSTBORNE, and like many names was corrupted through usage into many spellings, Austborne, Ozborn, Osbourne, and so many more.
The English version means one who comes from the August Stream on the Isle of Wight, England
Pizzalover7777  8/29/2018
Although I like Oswald better, Osborn is still a unique name that stands out next to all of the Aidan's, Brayden's, and Jayden's. Plus Ozzie or Ozzy is the cutest nickname ever!
lilpimpteller  5/17/2015

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