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PronouncED "AWZ-win" in English.
Samantha Carter  11/1/2015
Because of Jenna Coleman's portrayal of Oswin and Clara Oswin Oswald on Doctor Who, I think I will forever render Oswin as a female name. However, I probably would not name my daughter Oswin, because of the heavy Doctor Who reference towards it.
callie_dove  10/26/2015
It's a male name. Naming your female child Oswin is just weird.
― Anonymous User  8/28/2015
Oswin Oswald or Clara Oswin Oswald.

A Steven Moffat Doctor Who Character who has been heavily criticised.
Played by Jenna Louise Coleman.
Clara First Met the 11th Doctor as Oswin, but later became a companion as Clara Oswald.
jjmonkey777  1/1/2015
Weirdo name for a girl. Not feminine or pretty at all. I really hope this doesn't become trendy because of a Doctor Who character.
Almonds  8/10/2013
The newest companion on Doctor Who is Clara Oswin Oswald, portrayed by Jenna-Louise Coleman. (She was first introduced as Oswin Oswald, then later as Clara Oswin Oswald, so it can be assumed that Oswin is her middle name).
Rainears  1/13/2013
A female character in the Doctor Who series is named Oswin, I think it's a really nice name on a girl.
Grace_Scarlette  9/2/2012
I would assume somebody bearing this name would be sort of friendly and approachable. (Also a good name for a male cat!) :)
walesgal92  8/8/2010
Oswin is a character in the long-running game series Fire Emblem. He is Hector's personal assistant, and is the man.
Athena91  5/3/2008

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