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Could be an excellent name for a pet fish.
― Anonymous User  8/18/2006
This is an awesome name, and it has a terrific meaning. Not only is it unique, to me it just seems to resonate "prosperity". Definitely an interesting business name as well.
Lebeke  3/22/2007
Why would any sane person name their son after a character that killed his wife? I mean, it's not like people have heard of any other Othellos than the one in the play. It's a pompous name anyway.
slight night shiver  5/2/2008
Othello Hunter was a college basketball player for the Ohio State University.
Archangel Michael  6/27/2008
There is a board game called Othello.
plutogirlgenius  8/25/2009
I like this name a lot, but it's too bad it's the name of a board game.
-Julia-  9/24/2009
The name is odd enough on it's own, but it doesn't help that I can't stand the Shakespearean play, mainly because I can't stand the title character (I call him "title" and not "main" because I believe Iago is the main character). I just thought Othello was horribly gullible--and I don't say this because I have the advantage of being the audience, but Othello really should've been able to see through Iago's lies about his wife--or at least, believed Desdemona when she professed her innocence. Yes, Iago was very devious, and very smart, but I don't believe Othello should've been convinced.

Long story short, I could never use this name, due to my dislike of the character (who is pretty much its sole namesake).
erb816  2/9/2011
Okay, so it's obvious that it's difficult for most folks to separate this name from Shakespeare's tragic tale of a Moor captain in Venice and that it may strike some as pompous because of it's literary connotation, etc., but I must say that it is an absolutely brilliant name with a rather profound meaning. The Spanish "Otelo" and Italian "Otello" versions can be worn well by some boys, as well, particularly paired with a formidable middle name.
R_de_la_P  11/2/2012
In looking for an Italian name that means prosperous, I found Othello. My husband is from Italy and I think it's a shame that beautiful names get destroyed by tragic stories that people make up, and also by mythology.
― Anonymous User  2/11/2014
I like the sound, but not the character. It sounds like it would be cool, though. And if you like it, Otho, maybe?
XironDarkstar  1/12/2018

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