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This name seems to have found a limited comeback audience in the UK, among the "Rupert and Felicity" crowd in London, if that makes sense. The nickname Tillie softens it.
sara_anne  2/24/2006
This is an extremely rare name in the United States, but I have seen different forms of it in obituaries and historical accounts for Bohemians and Germans from Russia who emigrated to North Dakota. The most usual form seems to be Otelia or Otelie. I've also seen the name Etalie, which I think might be another variant. I think it's a pretty name and it's a pity it isn't used more often. Tillie would make a nice nickname for people who aren't brave enough to use the full name.
bookworm8571  5/24/2007
According to Oxford Dictionary of First names Ottilie is the "French derivative of the medieval Germanic given name Odila" thus Ottilie should be listed as French also.
utterlynameobsessed  2/29/2008

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