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My friend was adopted as an infant just before her new parents were going to visit her mother's home country of Scotland. They named her Ouida as it is a form of the name Louise there. Because she has apricot colored natural red hair my little girls related the color to the orange of the box of Wheaties cereal. She ended up being "Wheaties".
lottama  4/7/2019
Oh, man. I want a baby Ouida.
vomiting  1/20/2011
Ouida Bergère (1886-1974) was an American screenwriter and actress who was married to Basil Rathbone. She was born on a railroad train en route to Madrid, Spain.

What a marvelously shiny name. It is positively luminous, like stage lighting.
New_Chloe  11/16/2009
I think this is a rather silly name. It's alright as a nickname, but I'm afraid I think this is a bit "out there", despite the very respected and prominent author who bore this name.
walesgal92  10/24/2009
Can be pronounced WEE-da, VWEE-da, or wee-DAH. Was somewhat popular in the early 1900's.
Clytemnestra  4/16/2008

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