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Personally, I like this name a lot better than Owen. It sounds more mature and dignified.
Buneary  4/21/2016
Owain is the name of Lissa's son and Lucina's cousin in Fire Emblem: Awakening.
Buneary  12/5/2015
One famous bearer is Owain Yeoman, a Welsh actor most known for his roles on 'Kitchen Confidential' and 'The Nine'. He's what got me into this interesting name.
DestructoGirl  5/17/2009
The statement that Owain and Ywain are the same person is incorrect. Owain was the son of Uriens and Morgan le Fay, while Yvain/Ywain was Uriens' illegitimate son.
corvina  5/1/2009
A slightly-famous bearer of this name was Owain Garamonde from the video game Final Fantasy VI, the son of Cyan Garamonde, the sole identified survivor of the imperial attack on Doma Castle. Owain and his mother, Elayne, were killed in the attack when the river that supplied water to the castle was poisoned by imperial forces.
Bastien Rosier  5/1/2008
A famous bearer is Owain Glyndwr, a 14th century Welsh royal who led a revolt against the English (and became the last Prince of Wales to actually be Welsh).
― Anonymous User  6/30/2006

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