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Paige Matthews, the youngest of the Halliwell witches (played by Rose McGowan).
Triakel  3/4/2006
Paige Winterbourne, a Witch and the Coven Leader in Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld-Series.
Triakel  3/4/2006
There is a girl from Extreme Makeover Home Edition called Paige. I'm not sure of her last name.
flipflop1215  12/11/2006
The breathtakingly beautiful voice of Belle in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" belongs to actress Paige O'Hara.
Tango  2/2/2007
Paige Davis was the host of TLC's "Trading Spaces" for several seasons.
elizabeth hamlet  3/5/2007
Well, I can't believe I am the first to mention this, but Paige Fox is a character from the comic strip Foxtrot, by Bill Amend.
Petroushka  3/6/2007
Paige "Husk" Guthrie, a Marvel Comics superhero and member of Generation X, and later, the X-Men.
FMRadio  2/20/2008
Paige is Matt Damon's middle name.
Shibbeh  11/5/2008
Paige Michalchuk (portrayed by Lauren Collins) was a regular character on the Canadian teen soap, "Degrassi: The Next Generation", from 2001-2009. Initially presented as the self-centred Queen Bee, Paige evolved into a heroine within the show.

Paige McCullers (portrayed by Lindsay Shaw) was introduced as a recurring character, and love interest to the character of Emily Fields (portrayed by Shay Mitchell), in the 2010 television series "Pretty Little Liars". Paige was presented as a groundbreaking character due to her "coming out" as homosexual.
commonlyuncommon  3/13/2011
A famous bearer would be Page Hamilton. He doesn't spell it with an I, though.
― Anonymous User  3/12/2015
My name is Paige. I was born in 1966 and grew up in a small town in Connecticut, so up until about the 7th grade, I was the only Paige in town. Overall, I liked my name. My family made caring yet funny/clever comments about my name (such as Paige One) that made me feel special. My friends and the kids at school would comment on my name, but never in a mean-spirited way. One clever nickname they came up with was "Pedro" (which sounds like Paige O or Paige Ro).

When I was in my 30s and had moved across the country, a realtor about my mother's age told me that she named her daughter Paige and that she'd discovered the name in what was deemed a "racy" novel at the time: "Parrish" by Mildred Savage.

"Parrish" became a movie too, although I never saw it or read the book. The old movie posters make the story look like something... less than desirable. So for years I secretly feared that I may have been named after a "racy" woman. My father had told me long ago that there had been a book, but neither he nor my mother remembered the name, and he insisted that "You were named after a very nice girl who rode her bike, just like you do." (His emphasis that Paige from the mysterious book was nice, yet nobody could recall the name or author of the book from which they named their first daughter, seemed quite suspicious to me, as if there was something they didn't want me to know.)

I just now looked up the movie online and discovered that the "Parrish" movie score included a piece called "Paige's theme" written in 1961 by Max Steiner. It's quite lovely and performed by the Warner Bros. Orchestra. Judging by the violins and a brief clip of the movie that someone posted online, Paige Raike really was a nice girl, just like my dad claimed.

I hope this adds something to the discussion. It's another bit of info about how and when the name has been used, and I hope will provide some context and perspective regarding what some parents may have had in mind when they chose this name for their daughters.
― Anonymous User  10/16/2016
Paige Summers was an American adult model. She was a former Penthouse Pet of the Month and Pet of the Year. She moved with her family to Morganton, North Carolina and graduated from Freedom High School where her senior superlative was "Barbie Look-Alike".
cutenose  7/14/2017

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