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The masculine name Panagiotis is actually derived from Panagiota, not the other way around. Pan, meaning all, and [h]agia, meaning Saint. Pan[agia], is the most commonly used name in Greek Orthodoxy, when referring to Saint Mary or Santa Maria, who was Jesus Christ's mother. Therefore, the name means and implies, Holiest of Holies, Mother of All Saints, Above and Embodying All Saints, etc. The descriptions provided are a direct interpretation of meaning and nuances implied when these words are used in context, in both Classical and Modern Greek. I hope this helps!

The Patron Saint's Day for Panagia is celebrated annually on the 15th of August. In Greece, this is considered a Holy day of great significance. All Greek people named Panagiota, Panagioti, Maria or Mario are celebrated and congratulated accordingly.
Panagiota  1/28/2006

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