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There is an Anne Rice vampire named Pandora.
Belle Enfant  6/16/2005
Pandora was also the name of a vampire featured in Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles.
CBarras  1/2/2007
Adrian Mole, in the Sue Townsend books, is deeply smitten by Pandora, but nothing good comes of it in the long run. This has more to do with the character of Adrian than the meaning of the name, though she certainly represented "all gifts" to him.
Anneza  7/11/2007
There is a Madina Lake song called Pandora.
carenmuffin  12/25/2007
This is the name of one of the twins in a book called Gemini by whom I can't remember. Her twin brother was named Peter. Haha.
_0TophasNails_1  11/17/2008
Is instantly recognizable as the name of one of the main characters in Sue Townsend's Adrian Mole books. Pandora is Adrian's enduring and unattainable love interest, she is highly intelligent and politically minded. Adrian liked to call her Pan as a diminutive, her full name was actually Pandora Louise Elizabeth Braithwaite.
arabesque  12/31/2008
Technically not a 'famous bearer' but Pandora is the fictional land where James Cameron set Avatar. It is very beautiful, but toxic to humans. =D
Emily Cheeseface  1/24/2010
A famous bearer of this name is the English actress Pandora Clifford. :)
walesgal92  9/21/2010
Pandora Moon is a character from the British teen drama Skins, and is sometimes called 'Panda' as a nickname.
jeannie.  4/9/2013
A character on 'American Dad' has this name, but she's a minor character, only showed a few times.

And I know I'm not a 'famous bearer' but I also have this name.
pepper256pasta  12/14/2013
Pandora radio.
C.Ambrosi  6/23/2014

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