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I have this name, and I like to pronounce it "paw-LEE-nuh". I only noticed this recently, but I think my family pronounces my name differently than I do- "pow-LEE-nuh". I have only known two other people who have this name, but I never got to actually meet them- my grandmother, and the friend of a stranger who noticed my name tag at an event. It is misspelled and mispronounced pretty often, but I do like my name. I like that it is unique while still being pretty similar to more common names.
paolypocket  10/2/2017
Very pretty name, it's not very common. I like both the Paulina and Paolina spellings.
Bajafresh  10/5/2013
I think Pay-oh-lina would be such a pretty pronunciation!
willarose93  12/4/2011

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