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Miss Parker was the beautiful, sinister nemesis of Jarod in the T.V. show "The Pretender." No first name was ever given.
-- breakofday  12/16/2005
Parker is increasing a lot for a boy and I have even seen it used for a boy.
-- Anonymous User  4/26/2006
There's a Parker Hanes in the Canadian TV show Radio Free Roscoe. She's a highschool-age musician with a very unique personality and sense of style.
-- Anonymous User  6/8/2006
I hate seeing this name used for girls. It is such a masculine sounding name.
-- Anonymous User  6/12/2006
I think this is a sophisticated-sounding name. I'd only use it for boys, not girls.
-- Anonymous User  7/11/2006
Nosy parker is what you call someone who is inquisitive, like busybody. I have always wondered where the term originally came from.
-- Mama1  7/25/2006
Parker for a GIRL?!
-- Anonymous User  8/10/2006
I like this name for a girl and a boy!
-- taures07  8/26/2006
Parker Posey is an actress.
-- Honora  10/31/2006
Despite the popularity amongst males, I have met two Parkers and they were both girls!
-- khaotickharma  12/4/2006
Parker, Arizona is a small town on the Colorado River.
-- Elphaba  2/10/2007
Yuck! Snobby, boring, and trendy all at the same time!
-- Anonymous User  2/23/2007
On TV there's a female Parker on Veronica Mars, and a young boy called Parker on Desperate Housewives.
-- Anonymous User  3/11/2007
Comedienne and talk show host Rosie O'Donnell's eldest son is named Parker Jaren.
-- Anonymous User  3/22/2007
I really hate this name! I mean, first of all, it's like naming your kid 'park' or 'tree'. It really is too close to the word park. I hate names like Parker, Hunter etc.
-- bobcat_explorer  3/25/2007
Parker is the last name of South Park/Team America: World Police creator Trey Parker.
-- Anonymous User  4/20/2007
I don't like it for a girl just because it's so trendy to use surnames on girls. Back when Parker Posey was first named Parker (assuming that's her birth name, I have no idea) I would have liked the idea, but now that it's a cheap trend I don't.
-- Anonymous User  6/8/2007
Parker sounds like a surname, and more masculine.
-- Emma McHnery  6/15/2007
I really like this name for a boy, but not so much for a girl. Parker is a surname, and it's very masculine, so I prefer it for boys.
-- joanie2007  8/5/2007
OMG! For a girl, peoples? Quit ruining the good boy surnames! Just name your girl Emma or something please! Keep the boy names for the boys!
-- spaz123  8/10/2007
I agree with the above comment. Surnames should be used for boys, not girls.
-- Anonymous User  8/21/2007
I would never curse anyone (boy or girl) with this horrid name.
-- Honeyrose  9/2/2007
It sounds quite boyish for both sexes. I can't imagine a grown man named Parker. At most, I can imagine an obnoxious frat boy named Parker. For a girl, it's terrible, and for a woman, it is completely ridiculous. Can you imagine a curly-haired toddler girl named Parker? How about a cute 10-year-old girl named Parker? Or a homecoming queen or prom queen named Parker? It sounds like a total tomboy name, and it might somehow work on young women with androgynous or indie looks, but never on any woman past the age of 27.
-- slight night shiver  5/2/2008
It's cool on a boy but gag-worthy on a girl.
-- number1212  5/9/2008
I love the name Parker, lol! I think it is the cutest boy name ever! Also it's my boyfriend's name! So I think the name is strong!
-- Anonymous User  12/10/2008
Not really a fan of Parker for girls in general and I think for boys, Parker sounds best as a middle name, not a first name.
-- DorktasticKelly  12/13/2008
All I can think of is Parker pens. And nerds who stuff Parker pens into their shirt pockets.
-- Anonymous User  1/23/2009
Parker Case was a member of JamisonParker, and now records music under the name I and the Universe.
-- dischord33  4/16/2009
I have always loved this name for a boy, but I don't like it for a girl. It sounds way too masculine! I think it would be cute to have twin boys named Parker and Walker!
-- Anonymous User  6/17/2009
Anyone remember the 80s sitcom Parker Lewis Can't Loose?
-- mcjocelyn  9/15/2009
I have nothing against surnames as first names, but I really dislike this name. I cannot get over the 'Park' part. "Come on Parker, let's go to the PARK.". And don't even let me get started on Parker for a girl. There isn't even a girly nickname to justify using it for a girl.
-- McHobbit  10/28/2009
I do not understand why this is considered a girl name. Parker is SO masculine and fantastic for a boy. I'm not usually a fan of surnames being used as first names, but for some reason I have always loved the name Parker for a boy. It probably helps that my best friend is named Parker, and he is one of the funniest, most friendly kid you'll ever meet. Not to be weird, but I actually might use this name on my own kid one day. It is just that awesome.
-- meggsxx3  3/16/2010
I kinda like it on a guy, but it's horrendous on a girl. Nothing sounds feminine about it.
-- Chrila96  12/9/2010
My youngest son's name is Parker Lee, and we've gotten so many compliments on it. I love it. And I had to smile at the comment made, I've never thought it odd to take "Parker to the Park". I take my son to the park, not a name. Not everyone is going to like every name, to each their own.
-- madashmom  2/21/2011
Excuse me, parents should be allowed to name their daughters anything they want. I love Parker for a girl, and dislike it for a boy. It sounds cute and nice for a girl.
-- krisscouture  4/6/2011
We named our son Parker, and EVERYONE loves the name! What I'm really sick of is parents naming their daughters male names. I feel like parents of boys are running out of good male names. Can we please keep a few for the boys? Like Parker for example? Thanks!
-- ctrjenn  5/1/2011
I like this name for a girl, yes a girl. Everyone needs to relax. It's a unisex name, that means male and female. Why should parents have to stick to names like "Emma" for their girls, that's, to me, like saying girls should have to stick to being dominated by males. We're in the 21st century grow up people.
-- krisscouture  5/14/2011
My brother's name is Parker. He's named this because my mother's maiden name is Park. I've always liked this it. I don't think it's weird or too trendy/stupid at all to name a boy Parker. I think naming a girl Parker is a little weird, maybe because I associate the name with my brother. I guess Parker on a little girl might be kind of cute, but at someone above said, I can't imagine a grown woman with this name.
-- Namedork  7/4/2011
Parker is the name of a female character on the TV show Leverage.
-- RoseWeasley95  9/19/2011
On the show "Bones", Seely Booth's son's name is Parker.
-- GibsonGirl  1/20/2012
I had a male relative named Parker who was born in 1895! This name is by no means new and trendy.
-- GibsonGirl  1/20/2012
Parker is a good name! But better for a girl because it's my name and I'm a girl.
-- softballgirl  5/2/2014
I was surprised to see Parker was a unisex name! I had always thought it strictly male. It's quite a masculine name.
-- DaisyGraceBaker  6/17/2014
Parker sounds very harsh and informal. I agree with the past comments about it sounding "snobby, boring and trendy." Overall, Parker is a lame name for a boy and it is especially horrible on a girl! Yuk.. puke :(
-- Anonymous User  7/11/2014
Well, my name is Parker and I am a girl. I happen to LOVE my name and think it is unique and fits very well with my personality. Most everyone I have encountered has complimented me on my name saying they like it for a girl. Thanks.
-- parkerfj  8/16/2014
I love this name, but for a boy ONLY

Parker is either a surname or a boys name. Not suitable for a girl at all. Dumb America...
-- Anonymous User  9/10/2014
No of y'all should have kids if youre worried about it being 'too masculine' for your little girl. Get rid of the idea that a name has a gender... bye.
-- mechanicalAssassin  9/24/2014
Names should determine the gender of someone. Absolutely. I for one see Parker as either a surname or a males name.
-- Anonymous User  10/16/2014
Girl due in 4 weeks and she will be named Parker. I find it cute and classy, and we're pretty excited about it. A name is a name is a name, after all. The child will be who she is regardless of what we call her.
-- bollybe  10/8/2014
Wow. I'm embarrassed for my country. Parker is a great name (don't get me wrong, I love it) but it's definitely NOT for a girl, unless it's their surname.
The fact that Parker is so high on the list for girls just makes my blood boil. What makes Parker usable or feminine in any way? Way to put your child's gender into confusion.
I will say this through and through; Parker is a males name. No matter how many ignorant parents wish to slap it on their daughters.
-- Anonymous User  10/12/2014
My name's Parker (I'm a girl) & I always get complimented on the name! People tell me it's beautiful, classy, unique and more than once, I've had people write it down in their phones to add to their baby name list;) Not once have I ever thought of my name as masculine! Neither has anyone else I know! It can be masculine on a male, but to me, it can be a gorgeous name on a female.

It's the person that makes the name I believe.

I'm quite shocked at the nasty comments towards this name!
Really.. You should open yourself up to something a little unique and different! :)
-- Parker_l  10/26/2014
I'm no fan. It's too close to "porker".
-- Anonymous User  10/31/2014
I love the name Parker. Reminds me of Peter Parker. :D It's a cute & handsome name for a guy! Moreover, it's one of my FAVE boy names beginning with 'p'! ^_^ It's scary how girls are being named this, as it sounds masculine... o_e.
-- LoveHeartKawaii  11/19/2014
Ick - hate that 99% of these comments are blatantly sexist. It's too "masculine", it's too "sophisticated"(?) for a girl's name? Enough. Personally, it reminds me of Miss Bonnie Parker, and I like it.
-- kendreez  12/8/2014
Not feminine enough? You can all take your gender stereotypes and shove 'em. My daughter's name is Parker and whether she'll be feminine or masculine has nothing to do with it. Grow up, people.
-- chipperface  12/11/2014
I think this is a great name on a boy that gets far too much undeserved hatred. On a girl, however, it's ghastly.
-- Ali Hassan  12/13/2014
The opinions that most people are leaving for the name Parker prove that they are lacking excitement or the love for unique things in this world. So much undeserved hatred for a name. Wow! I was glad to see a female Parker speak up and sing praise about her beautiful name. There are a lot of lame people out there who want to push their kid in a square hole and name their girl "Emma". If my girl Parker runs into these lame people it will make it that much easier for her to weed them out of her life.
-- Anonymous User  12/23/2014
Parker is 100% a males name. That's not remotely sexist but common sense.
Parker would only work for a girl if it's their surname

Sorry, but there's lots of girl names out there. Why steal a fantastic boys name and use it for the wrong gender? I find it completely unacceptable to give a girl a masculine name. There are zero excuses as there are plenty of girl names that aren't overly feminine.
-- Anonymous User  12/26/2014
I 100% agree. Apparently me and many other users are accused of being "sexist" for thinking that Parker suits boys rather than girls. According to that rule, I'm sexist to think names like Mark, John, Jason, Steve, Paul etc. Don't suit girls. *gasp* The WHOLE world MUST be sexist to think girl names like Anna, Chloe, Zoe, Lisa, Rochelle etc. don't suit guys! :O Also, it's okay to declare that genders for names don't matter according to the user "mechanicalAssassin" who says "Get rid of the idea that a name has a gender...". So, it's totally FINE for people to name their SONS Emma, Sophia etc. (Sarcasm, in case you missed it.) lol, some people need to look up what the word sexist actually means! XD

Rant over. ಠ_ರೃ.
-- LoveHeartKawaii  1/18/2015

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