Namesakes for Paulus

Biblical Characters: 1 character
      Sergius Paulus (a.k.a. Paulus)   Acts 13:7  
Bishops of Rome and the Popes: 8 popes
      Paul I (a.k.a. Paulus)   757-767  
      Paul II (a.k.a. Paulus)   1464-1471  
      Paul III (a.k.a. Paulus)   1534-1549  
      Paul IV (a.k.a. Paulus)   1555-1559  
      Paul V (a.k.a. Paulus)   1605-1621  
      Paul VI (a.k.a. Paulus)   1963-1978  
      John Paul I (a.k.a. Paulus)   1978  
      John Paul II (a.k.a. Paulus)   1978-2005  
Notable Athletes: 1 soccer
      (soccer) Louis van Gaal (a.k.a. Paulus)   1951-  
Saints: 2 saints
      Saint Paul I (a.k.a. Paulus)   700-767  
      Saint John Paul II (a.k.a. Paulus)   1920-2005