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I like this name when pronounced in English (Pe-ne-lop-EE). It sounds magical, musical, mythical. Although I would not name my daughter like this because in French, it is pronounced PAY-NAY-LOP. Kinda takes all its charm away, if you ask me.
Frabac  9/13/2009
Haha, Frabac, there're many ways to mutilate the name "Penelope" / "Pénélope", and I don't consider the French version mutilation - nor to be taking away the magic and charm of the name - at all. In fact... it's a different level of the same mystique that rings about it, and personally, I've fallen in love with the French version. Now I respond to it (among francophones) as easily as I do "Penelope". I just take it as a variation on my own name, albeit a more beautiful one.
seraphine_eternal  10/26/2010
Penelope's meaning in most name books is Weaver or Dream Weaver. Interpreted as Creative.
Ganma  1/19/2006
Penelope is usually shortened to Penny. Nicknames have been Tuppence or Penpen. Or just Pen. Those who hate it can change it to Nell or Elle or Penn. I like it which is good because I wear it.
Ganma  1/19/2006
Actress Penélope Cruz is a famous bearer.
― Anonymous User  12/21/2005

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