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I like peonies, but I don't like the sound of their name and could never name a child this.
― Anonymous User  7/27/2006
I like the spelling, but the pronunciation is just horrible! I reminds me of someone peeing down their knee! But, peony is a scent from BATH AND BODY WORKS, and it smells SO GOOD! I have it on right now!
Taydbug112  9/24/2006
I pronounce it "PAY-oh-nee".
gaelruadh19  1/20/2007
Horrible name. I love peonies but not this name. No offense to the unlucky Peonies out there.
― Anonymous User  10/29/2008
I read this as 'Pony' by mistake often. I like it. It's a sweet name.
vomiting  3/13/2009
Sweet, but I still hate this name, especially how it's spelled.
-Julia-  8/2/2009
Sorry about the above comment. This name is actually growing on me, and I like it now! It's cute but serious at the same time. :)
-Julia-  3/7/2010
I dislike the sound of this name. For some reason, it reminds me of a horse's whinny. Plus, I find most flower names tacky.
Athena Nike  3/31/2010
I often like flower names, and the Peony is a beautiful blossom.

But as a name, this is horrible. I just can't get over the PEE sound at the start.

I keep thinking the nickname for this will end up being Pee-pee.
keepitreal  1/7/2011
I will not mislead and say that this is a cute, or even moderate, name. It simply will not fit into English speaking countries. Especially considering the pronunciation-- which unfortunately resembles "Pee-On-Me" a bit too closely for my taste.

As a general rule: nature names have no place in the professional world. Meaning, it will not boost your career if you bear the title "Spring."
Francesca  4/30/2011
I have never heard this pronounced "PEE-a-nee". My mom pronounces it "Penny" and I've heard someone call it "pee-O-nee".
El is a Beth  12/30/2012
I know a very nice girl named Peony, and while, as a synaesthete, the colours are quite nice, I still quite dislike the sound of it. She pronounces it pee-O-nee.
― Anonymous User  7/29/2013
Peony is Cinder's sister in the Lunar Chronicles book series.
KittenMeow  3/31/2016

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