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It's the name of a Dalmatian in "The 101 Dalmatians." However, the dog in the book is not the same character as the dog in the movie.
breakofday  12/16/2005
A pretty name with a sad meaning.
Mommy2B  6/27/2006
There is a young British actress named Perdita Weeks. Her elder sister is named Honeysuckle Weeks.
Ylva  9/18/2006
I guess I'm superstitious, but it's a bad idea to give your child a name like this. Who would want to be known as "lost?" It's a shame Perdita sounds so beautiful.
― Anonymous User  2/6/2007
I'm indifferent to this name. It sounds nice, but I'll always a think of the cartoon dog whenever I hear it. The meaning is a bit depressing to me. I wouldn't use it.
scarletquillraven  2/17/2007
I like the sound of this name, but the fact that it literally means lost, and the only other association I have being the dog from 101 Dalmatians, it remains unusable.
― Anonymous User  3/30/2007
This is my name and I don't know what I think of it really. It sounds okay but it is nothing special, the meaning 'lost' I like for some reason but I can see why some people do not like it.
Razorlight  8/3/2007
I think Perdita is a gorgeous sounding name and find the meaning quite melancholically beautiful. The only problem is that most people are unaware of its Shakespearean origins and associate it exclusively with the 101 Dalmatians movie character. Darn you, Disney!
Thunderbird5  8/5/2007
Perdita is the "exotic and interesting" name given to the shy Agnes' wild alter ego in Terry Pratchett's books "Maskerade" and "Carpe Jugulum."
DHgirl  9/25/2007
A good friend of mine is married to a man named Percival: they've decided to name their expectant child Perdita after her father. One of their friends suggested it (they were going to go with a more generic "P" name. I think they were battling between Pearl and Penelope), and she actually suggested the name for its meaning (she contends that the parents were so lost before they were together, and now the little girl will be symbolic/represent how much happier they are now that that they aren't lost) and the fact that it can be given the nickname Perry, just like her father, is a bonus. Needless to say, I now think that this name is absolutely sweet, meaning and all.
― Anonymous User  12/9/2007
Doesn't sound very English to me. It sounds more like one of these over-the-top, high society Spanish names. The first syllable sounds quite harsh.
slight night shiver  5/2/2008
This name has a pretty ring, but the meaning of "lost" is somewhat disturbing. And, of course, there's the association with the mother dalmatian from "101 Dalmatians".
gaelruadh19  2/8/2009
There seems to be some variance in pronunciation.

I've heard both "per-DI-ta" and "PER-dita".
Hero  8/18/2009
A mature name, but with zest.
lucyskydiamonds  1/14/2010
Although this is the name of a character from 101 Dalmations, I know a female cat called Perdita, and I think this name definitely suits a cat more than a dog. Yes, I think this is a very fitting name for a small, female, cat.
walesgal92  1/16/2010
The English (Shakespearean) pronunciation is PUR-di-tə
Kate  5/29/2010
Someone once wrote a novel (comic, obviously) entitled, "Perdita, Get Lost!" Sorry, I don't know the author.
Kosta  9/22/2010
I love this name. My great aunt was named Alma Perdita.
I didn't know that Alma meant "soul" or that Perdita meant "lost", as I doubt my great-grandmother knowingly gave her daughter a name meaning "lost soul".
Clytemnestra  1/18/2011
A very unique, very pretty name. Any name from literature is interesting to me. :)
GirlWithN0Name  2/3/2011
Lovely literary name, with an unfortunate meaning. The nickname Dita is appealing.
― Anonymous User  5/4/2014
Perdita is also the name of the largest genus of wild bees in North America, all of them tiny, many of the them specialists on particular floral hosts for pollen, many of the them colorful and pretty when viewed with magnification. Why the original describer chose this name is not known.
Jim.Cane  10/4/2015
The Dalmatian in 101 Dalmatians, Perdita Weeks, and a friend of mine all pronounce it pur-DEE-ta.
earthnut  5/25/2016
My female goldendoodle puppy is named Perdita, we call her Perdi. I've always thought it was a beautiful and unique name. Not one person has mentioned 101 Dalmations when I've said her name, in fact, I tell them, "Perdi, like from 101 Dalmations" and they have no recollection of the name in the movie. I also like it because I've yet to meet another animal with the name :-)
XOelaineXO  11/4/2016
My mom named me, Perdita Ramona. I love my name and both names have the same meaning, "lost". The meaning doesn't describe me at all. When I am asked my name, people mention the movie and its meaning, but they also say how lovely the name is. I am satisfied with my name as well as its meaning.
Ramona01  3/29/2018

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