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I've only encountered the name Permelia one time, and that's in my genealogy. It was the name of my fourth great grandmother's younger sister, born in 1815 in Kentucky, died in 1843 in Western Missouri. She was the mother of two sons and one daughter. It's interesting one comment associated the use of the name with slavery. My Permelia's family were slave owners. Her widower and both of her sons gave their lives fighting for the South during the American Civil War.
proud uncle  1/21/2017
My name is Permelia. A name passed on through my family. It was my great grandmothers name. I was told it was an old black Dutch/German name. I was told it was pearl and Amelia put together.
permelia huffman  12/12/2014
I've done a lot of genealogy and to me, it seemed to be a fairly common name in the mid to late 1800s in America. I have personally encountered the name Permelia at least 8-10 times. It's not the prettiest name but it's certainly not the worst, especially if you have an open mind about names.
GibsonGirl  8/7/2012
It sounds too close to permeability.
Bazinga  12/25/2011
I think this is such a strange and quirky-sounding name. You could possibly use it today and use the nickname Mel. :)
walesgal92  5/8/2010
I thought this name was related to Greek meli "honey" also. Pronounced "pur-MEEL-yə", "pur-MEE-lee-ə", "pur-MEL-yə" or "pur-ME-lee-ə". Nicknames, besides Meeley : ), include Perry, Perla, Perlie, Melia, Mel, Pemmy, Pem, Pia, Lia and Mia.

I much prefer it to Pamela. It's more memorable and interesting. The "perm" part makes me think of permanence and eternity.
― Anonymous User  8/26/2009
In Latin, it possibly means "by sweetness": par (by) melia (sweetness).
Athena Nike  8/12/2009
Not the most attractive of names, especially with the nickname my ancestress carried--Meeley (makes me think of bad bread). She was born in 1807 in Virginia, a slave, and was later freed.
srsand1  7/28/2008

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