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Persephone is the traditional astrological zodiac sign of Virgo.
Dray  3/20/2006
In the myth of Persephone, she is abducted and raped by her uncle. She then has to live with him. And although I think it is a beautiful sounding name, it's not one I would actually give a child, due to the nature of the mythology. It just doesn't seem like a blessing under the circumstances.
Tahemet1491  5/24/2006
Despite the myth of Persephone, I think it is quite elegant and beautiful. A very good name!
ckb  7/10/2006
Persephone is the name of a character in the Matrix movies played by Monica Bellucci.
biflucky  8/31/2006
It's funny that such a horrible background and meaning would make such a lyrical, lovely name.
― Anonymous User  9/16/2006
Persephone Hadley is one of the main characters in the book "Naughts and Crosses" by Malorie Blackman.
sparkie  10/7/2006
Even though it means 'to murder' I would still use it, but only as a middle name.
Jenna9792  12/27/2006
Nice name.
― Anonymous User  1/23/2007
I LOVE Persephone. I like the nickname "Pera".
VictoriaCalledTori  2/1/2007
Given that the first two words of the entry are "Meaning unknown" I tend to doubt their idea of its meaning. If I remember correctly (and it's possible that I don't) Persephone was the Goddess of Springtime. The name always makes me think of flowers and the color pink. It's lovely, but I wouldn't use it. Too hard for a kid to learn to spell.
Annabeau  2/15/2007
Well, I like the Spanish form of this name which is Perséfone (per-SEH-fohn-eh), if I ever have a daughter her name will probably be this. I don't know why people say so many bad things about her myth, as far as I know she only spent one thrid of a year with her "husband" and when Persephone went back to earth spring arrived, which I think is beautiful.
― Anonymous User  2/28/2007
I love the name Persephone, especially as an alternative to the uber popular Stephanie. And Persephone wasn't just the goddess of hell, she was also the goddess of flowers, and her mother was the goddess of fertility, so I think that the myth shouldn't hold parents back.
ClaraWhittaker  3/8/2007
I didn't even know how to pronounce this up until a year ago! That's one of the things that puts me off. I have a feeling it will be mispronounced all the time. When pronounced correctly I quite like it. It's a very pretty sounding name.
scarletcorset  7/27/2007
They don't make it extremely clear here, but when she came back from the underworld, everyone rejoiced and Spring came because Demeter was so happy! This would be a cool name for a child born on the first day of Spring! Then you could rejoice every year on her birthday!
smurphul  9/4/2007
This name is very melodious and elegant but I think it's too mythological. And it's too long. And I don't like the meaning. It's beautiful though.
dreamgirl54  11/7/2007
I absolutely adore this name! I'm not sure if I would name my kid this though, not because of the pronunciation or anything (you'd have to be pretty ignorant to not know and recognize the name). I think the story behind the name is nice and doesn't put me off it at all, but ... I don't know, there is just something that makes me uneasy about it. Hope I don't sound crazy.
livieluvbug  12/5/2007
The name Persephone is the Ionic variant of Epic Literature, while the homeric variant is Persephoneia and other dialectic variants include the less lyrical Persephassa and Persephatta. Plato apparently called her Pherepapha.

Regardless, in ancient Greek, Persephone would have been pronounced (according to this site's code) per-se-pho-nay (the ph is a p aspirate, meaning that air is expelled with the consonant--it does not sound like an f).

If spelled Persephoneia, it would be pronounced per-se-phon-e-ee-ah; or, in modern Greek, per-se-fo-nee-ah.

Despite its potential meaning, the lyrical quality of this name is enough to make it a name I should give to my own daughter, about whose spelling skills I am unconcerned. People have been given long names for ages, and there is no reason to presume that humanity has grown so unintelligent as to be unable to learn how to spell a long name.
Bastien Rosier  1/29/2008
I love the way this name simply rolls of the tongue. There are no harsh sounds to it. Simply beautiful.
erb816  5/1/2008
This name would sound quite big and loaded, even a bit pompous, on a person today. In Finland, this name would be unthinkable, as the word 'perse' means 'ass' in Finnish. This is why I always find the name a bit amusing, even though it's not that bad in English.
slight night shiver  5/2/2008
This name is so feminine and pure-sounding. Surprisingly, I can imagine an older person with this name, not just a kid or teenager.

I always think of the planet in Joss Whedon's sci fi show "Firefly" when I see this name.
simpsonfan15  7/21/2008
Lovely, beautiful sound. I love hearing Persephone but I'm not too fond of how it looks. I wish I could love it more though.
scholasticastewart  8/23/2008
Persephone's name can also mean "she who lightens the darkness". The Greek goddess of spring, she was wife to Hades, the God of the Underworld. There are several stories concerning their romance, more commonly known is "the rape" of Persephone, in which Hades tricks her into staying with him in the Underworld.
― Anonymous User  1/12/2009
I just HATE the name. Perse-phone! It sounds like "Persian phone"! YUCK!
enchy  4/3/2009
To the person who said this name sounds like "Persian phone", Persephone is not said as it sounds, it is usually pronounced "per-SEH-fo-nee". I think this name, while it being rather long and unusual, is beautiful.
emmiix3  4/18/2009
I think this name sounds delightful really. It sounds much better than the more common Stephanie, or even Daphne, but I am afraid it is too bad about the supposed meaning. If the meaning wasn't what it is, I could imagine this name being very popular, due to it being nice and poetic-sounding, but because of its meaning I don't think the name will ever be popular, unfortunately.
walesgal92  6/21/2009
I know someone with this name, and I think it is absolutely beautiful. Teachers actually don't have any trouble pronouncing her name.
-Julia-  9/21/2009
"Persephone" is the name of a song by the Cocteau Twins.
meowelers  10/6/2009
Persephone is a beautiful name, but other names that refer to death, demons and the like such as Medusa, Lilith and Nemesis I wouldn't give a daughter this sort of name. It was however a most appropriate name for the character Monica Bellucci portrayed in the Matrix movies.
Arcticwarrior  11/6/2009
It sounds like a mix between "Percival" and "Stephanie". It's lovely but only on a character in a book or something.
_0TophasNails_1  11/6/2009
PERSEPHONE according to Plato means wise. (from Plato's Dialogue with Cratylus, Plato, Cratylus and Hermogenes talk about the true origin of names).
lily25  3/29/2010
"Phone" in Greek does not mean solely to murder, it also means "speech sound" (in words such as "homophone" and "telephone"). And the "perse" part--which the word means "dark blue" in English--comes from the Greek word Persikos--"a Persian." So Persephone doesn't have to have such a violent meaning--it can also mean "Persian sound" or "Persian speaker."
― Anonymous User  6/28/2010
If the spelling of "phone" is with an omega instead of an omicron the meaning could be "voice" rather than murder and fits the name meaning better ie Voice of Destruction.
garykins  7/29/2010
So, so, so gorgeous. Words don’t even begin to describe how lovely I find Persephone. I actually really like the meaning – at least in theory, though not necessarily on a child.

I LOVE the nickname Posy for a little Persephone. I think it’s precious. Despite my love for Persephone, to this day I still have issues pronouncing it!
Lunar_Wolf  8/25/2010
This name is lovely but I wouldn't give it to my child due to it's horrific background.
AmericaSpainGermany  9/15/2010
Horrid meaning, but I really like the way it sounds.
Chrila96  9/15/2010
Beautiful sound, terrible meaning.
Liesl  1/21/2011
When it is said that the name Persephone means to murder, or destroy, it is not people they are discussing. In Greek Mythology, her mother Demeter was the goddess of the earth/vegetation. The two are often referred to as the "mistresses" because they work together. Persephone is forced to return to the Underworld with Hades for 3 months of the year, when all of the vegetation then dies... in order to be reborn. It's really not the negative connotation that most people think.

Also, as far as it being a long, pioused, or difficult name... my first name is Stephanieauna. It's had it's disadvantages, but it's also had it's advantages. Hard to find on key chains, though!
madashmom  2/21/2011
I've always liked old Latin names... this one is no exception. I love how it sounds when you say it out loud~
boykun  3/7/2011
Persephone is my youngest daughter's name. I always remembered the story from school and I always associated it more with the changing of seasons than kidnapping and rape. I also think the name itself is reminiscent of a white flower. It just sounds pure and clean and beautiful. We call her Sephie or Seph for short and while my husband wasn't on board with it at first and still worries it's too pretentious, he admits that it really is HER name and she couldn't be named anything else. And BTW, almost everyone who hears it loves it. And it doesn't get mispronounced as often as you might think.
magdasephicus  3/22/2011
This is my favorite name, but I hate how everyone here loves it. Thank god it's not popular, and I think it's silly for the ignorant anglophones on here who think this will be mispronounced all the time- then why is Penelope always pronounced right? That was a more common name at one time. This even rhymes with that name. Sheesh, it's gorgeous.
― Anonymous User  6/9/2011
There is a band called Persephone's Bees.
willarose93  8/17/2011
The name "Persephone" has a beautiful meaning! It is NOT related to the ancient Greek "phonos" (murder), as you say. Actually it derives from the ancient Greek words "φέρειν"-"pherein" and "φάος"-"phaos" (or "φως"-"phos). "φέρειν" means "to bring" and "φάος" or "φως" means "the light". Persephone is "the one who brings the light", and this is a beautiful meaning! Another ancient form of the name in "Phersephone" or "Phersepfata", a form closer to its constituent words. Persephone was the goddess of springtime, she has a lot to do with light, and nothing to do with murder. Please check the origin at "Papyros LaRousse" encyclopedia. Greetings and kisses, from Thessalonica / Macedonia / Greece.
comico  1/13/2012
This name is so cool and it's also exotic. I like it with the middle name Lillian so it matches with the myth.
Also, this seems too long as a middle name so it's best to go with firsts.
555jazzy  11/19/2012
Forget the meaning... If you pronounce it right, it's beautiful. It's per-SEF-un-EE.
SEC908  2/15/2013
Despite the negative meaning, I think this name is absolutely stunning. I love it with the name Rose. Persephone Rose... it's wonderful.
― Anonymous User  2/15/2013
Why is everyone thinking the meaning is bad? To destroy murder? That would be awesome if no one was ever murdered, if murder was destroyed. It's a good name.
thesnowwhiterose  7/2/2013
Love this name! It's so beautiful. I will use this name for my daughter. I plan on teaching her to write a nickname until she masters the entire spelling. Nicknames can be Pera, Persy, or Sephie.
Songofecho  4/11/2014
I've always thought this name is so distinctive. Lyrical, delicate and refined, yet strong as well. A classic beauty. Keep in mind the myth of Demeter-Persephone can have different meanings--it can also symbolize an unusually strong bond between mother and daughter. And as for "being difficult to spell" for a child, it only has one more letter than "Stephanie." No need to dumb down.
― Anonymous User  5/30/2014
Nick-name "Perri".
deidre  5/30/2014
Sounds like the words, purse & phone. No thank you.
― Anonymous User  11/6/2014
It's beautiful! The spelling with "phone" I personally believe is what's holding it back. The Greek names are gorgeous but when you look at them on paper... not what we are used to and that brings them to a halt.
― Anonymous User  2/8/2015
It's a pretty name, but rather frilly and pretentious.
― Anonymous User  6/14/2015
In response to the very first comment which INCORRECTLY states that Persephone is Virgo, this, of course is completely untrue. There are several myths surrounding Virgo but the most prevalent suggests that Virgo is named for Erigone, the daughter of King Icarius. When Erigone went looking for her father, her faithful dog Maera helped her discover Icarius' tomb after he had been murdered by drunken shepherds. She was so overcome by grief that she hung herself. Maera followed her into death by drowning himself. Dionysus took pity upon them and transformed Erigone into Virgo and Maera into the Lesser Dog Star.

I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, despite how ridiculous it may be, but I really had to hang my head in shame, mourning the ignorance that plagues current society, after reading the comment that said something to the effect of: a name that combines "purse" and "phone" -no thanks! Shortly followed by a comment that describes Persephone as "pretentious" and haughty, a stunning name which carries a rich, several thousand-year history, that will still be remembered long after children will no longer be named Kylie, Jayden, Stormy, or any number of the trendy names that 'define' this era and can't disappear soon enough.
red nightingale  9/2/2015
As a person growing up with the name Persephone, I can personally tell you it's not a big deal. Yes, half of the time it was mispronounced or misspelled but the majority of it were compliments. No matter who I met or who couldn't pronounced it, the conversation would always end with a "Wow, your name is beautiful." Your child may not be able to get her name on a coke bottle or spelled right at Starbucks, but she will learn to charish being different. I've never been called Percy or Sephy though, only Perseph and seph. Also, to help with pronunciation, you can add and "I" in there like mine.
Yes, the story and meaning of the name isn't the happiest, but I personally think it's pretty kickass, and the story itself isn't as horrible as people say, depending on which version you've read.
I've only heard of the one where Persephone is swept away by Hades, and lives as his loving queen. Guiding lost souls through the Underworld to where they need to be, adding a woman's touch of "grace, elegance, and compassion" to the darkness of the underworld, something Hades himself could not do.
Persephonie  1/18/2016
My name is Persephonie, I love my name, although most cannot pronounce it correctly, I'm always answering questions about my name and the story behind it. I love my name and I think it's beautiful.
Bpersephonie  2/18/2016
The name Persephone was given to 175 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/13/2016
Haha.. My little sister's name is this, her name is way more beautiful and rare than mine. Mine is just common and sloppy I feel, after reading the comments about it. We call her Percy.
HectraDragonSlayer  9/16/2016
Like many Ancient Greek names the meaning has been lost or at least changed drastically. The roots of Persephone can be found in Mycenean script which identifies it as Perswa. The meaning of that, has also been lost. To bring death is an accepted meaning, but another one may "sheaf of grain", fitting since Persephone is both an Underworld deity, and a Spring deity.
cuttlefishCuller  11/24/2016
All right, so I have been reading a lot of negative comments on the origin of the name, Persephone. Let me put these comments to rest and state that the myth of Hades and Persephone was re-written to make Hades out to be more evil. Actually, though, Hades in the Greek writings, is written as passive and somber. He is not the Devil; he is the warden of souls. He is Death. He is grossly misunderstood, simply because of the nature of his profession. First, Persephone being the daughter of Zeus, Hades asked him first before taking Persephone. Second, the original ancient Greecian way to get married was to show up in a carriage and carry the bride out of her former home, to her new home. Third, Persephone is Spring and Life incarnate. Death and Life go hand in hand. Also, when you think about Springtime, you are likely thinking that it is innocent and untouched. Actually, Springtime is a season where flowers are opening to be pollinated, and animals are fornicating like crazy. Spring is, in essence, having sex. Soooo Persephone was more likely to have seduced Hades, rather than the other way around. Also bear in mind how overbearingly protective Demeter was of her daughter. How many of you enjoy being cooped up and controlled? Of course, this is merely speculation, but I doubt Persephone was complaining too much about the change of pace.

My point? Persephone is a strong, amazing Goddess, who brought life to Death. She is worthy of you naming future daughters after her. She was never raped by Hades; they were very much in love.
alexis_hustus13  12/2/2016
I see a lot of comments about "the original mythology" where Persephone isn't kidnapped, and raped by Hades, and let me tell you, as a scholar of Greek Mythology, that's all bunk. The oldest reference to the Persephone myth is in Homeric Hymn to Demeter "He [Hades] was riding on a chariot drawn by immortal horses. The son of Kronos. The one known by many names.
He seized her against her will, put her on his golden chariot,
And drove away as she wept. She cried with a piercing voice…She was being taken, against her will, at the behest of Zeus,"
In all versions of Greek and Roman myths it is suggested that Persephone was taken against her will, and I've found very little evidence of an older mythology that doesn't state this, Persephone mentioned in Mycenean Script seems to be some sort of Spring Goddess, with no mention of her kidnapping at all. Regardless, all versions are very clear that Persephone was abducted, and raped, doesn't matter if it was common in Greek culture at the time. Also, what possible reason could anyone have to demonize Hades? He's a little regarded figure by either the Greeks or Romans. It ultimately doesn't matter, they're both fictional deities. It's a nice name, maybe a little too poetic, but nice nonetheless, with an interesting mythology.
cuttlefishCuller  1/4/2017
I love the name, it's very lyrical and reminds me of a soft day with a beautiful breeze and just happiness without worries. I love Persephone with Guinevere, so Persephone & Guinevere, would be adorable sibling names.
QuinnBethany  4/30/2017
I love the name, and the meaning is not that bad, but a bit dark, especially for the daughter of a goddess of agriculture.
XironDarkstar  10/29/2017

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