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Please don't name your kid after a country. It's tacky.
xgirl  12/2/2015
This is the Portuguese word for turkey (as in the bird, not the Mediterranean country). It's derived from the name of the country in South America. To make things worse, this can also be used as a slang term for penis. Definitely not a name I would use!
Buneary  4/20/2014
This is stupid as a name. The kid will be laughed at if he ever goes to Peru.
bananarama  10/25/2009
No kid would be laughed in Spain or the Basque Country because of being named Peru (PÉH-ruh). North Americans tend to assume all kind of nonsensical things about foreign names without thinking about the context in which they are actually used.
Airienn  3/19/2012
Peru is a country in South America.
Dogsy  3/5/2007

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