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Petros "Pete" Sampras is an American retired tennis player. He was a longtime world No. 1 and is regarded as one of the greatest players in tennis history. He was particularly esteemed for his precise serve, earning the nickname "Pistol Pete". His career began in 1988 and ended at the 2002 US Open, which he won, defeating rival Andre Agassi in the final.
cutenose  4/14/2017
The Bulgarian form of "Petros" is "Petar".
iva_toneva  5/27/2006
"Kamen" (the sress is on the "a") is a Bulgarian masculine name connected with the Greek "Petros". "Kamen" has a Slavonic origin and means the Bulgarian word "kamenen", which means "stone" (as an adjective). "Kamen" was created as a translation of "Petros" ("petros" means "stone" (as a noun) in Greek). The feminine form of "Kamen" is "Kamena" (the stress is on the "e"). "Kamen" and "Kamena" have a nameday on 29th June - the day of St Petar and St Pavel (the English names are respectively St Peter and St Paul).
iva_toneva  5/17/2006

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