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A derivative of Phaedra, i.e. Phedre, was the protagonist in Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Legacy trilogy.
lotusindigo  1/2/2005
Pronunciation is FEE-dra. An interesting alternative to the overused Phoebe. :-)
― Anonymous User  2/12/2005
Pronounced with a long "A" (as in ape) or short "E" (as in egg). Never was or will be FEE-dra.
phadrea  12/5/2005
Commonly mis-spelled "Phadrea".
phadrea  12/5/2005
The masculine form is Phaedrus.
― Anonymous User  12/5/2005
When I studied the play my Greek (that is, born in Greece) lecturer pronounced it FEE-dra. I've never heard it pronounced with a short e.
reniannen17  11/19/2006
I like this name pronounced "FAY-dra". I think it would make a lovely middle name, since having it as a first name is sort of, well, out there. But it's beautiful, nonetheless.
Georgia_kh  5/4/2007
I knew a girl by this name and she pronounced it Fay-dra. The name fit her as she was very pretty.
Honeyrose  8/7/2007
I think it sounds really pretty, but it's so dramatic and unusual. I think you would have to have a really big personality to carry a name like Phaedra.
pandasayscynical  12/22/2007
I adore this name. It's the most beautiful name I've come across so far. I would love to use it on my daughter, assuming I'll have one some day. I've been thinking of naming my daughter Phaedra Juniper, but I'm not fully decided, nor need to be. This name is far simpler than stranger-sounding names like Persephone and such, so I don't think it's ''out there'' at all.
slight night shiver  4/19/2008
This is definitely a beautiful, strong name--the kind which models usually have.
erb816  5/1/2008
Phaedra is the title of a rather psychedelic and liquid track by Tangerine Dream.
slight night shiver  6/3/2008
In Greek, the -αι is always pronounced like a soft E (ĕ). The only exception is that -αϊ is pronounced like a soft A (ă) followed by a hard I/E sound (ē).
DrewJones77  6/17/2008
I like the sound and history of the name, but I always see the people who would name their child this name as a sort of pompous modernist who thinks they're smarter than anybody else.
LouisXI  10/12/2008
The correct pronunciation is with a short E - FED-ra.
― Anonymous User  4/22/2009
I used to love this name, and I might still use it for a character. But I could never name my child after such a character in Greek Mythology. In all of the sources I've read, I have yet to find a redeeming quality in her.
erb816  10/24/2009
I like the Portuguese version (Fedra) better.
samarinezz  11/26/2009
Hi my name is Phaedra and absolutely love this name. I'm in my teens and all my friends love this name, they have a nickname for me it's Pha or Phae. I don't know anyone with the same name as me.
miss_sunshine  1/13/2010
I hate this name. It sounds ugly, and it's very pretentious. Phaedra sounds like a name that snobs would use and brag about it.
bananarama  3/17/2010
I don't think it sounds pretentious or ugly at all. And most snobs I know aren't smart enough to think of a Greek mythological name to use and brag about. I think Phaedra is interesting, unusual, and pretty. :)
Hannah_E  6/16/2010
This would be a cool name for a character, but not for a person (as a first name, anyway).
bathos  8/31/2010
I consider this name to be extremely strange and unusual, but not wholly unlikeable. :)
walesgal92  10/9/2010
What an ugly name. Terrible spelling, and an equally terrible back story.
― Anonymous User  2/19/2011
If only I knew the correct way to pronounce it . . . *sigh* Anyway, I don't really like any of the pronunciations listed. They all sound so rough to my ear.
Black_X  2/22/2011
Considering the Greeks pronounced each vowel individually (Ione: Eye-oh-nee, Zeus: ZAY-os), is it possible this name is pronounced fa-EH-dra, or something close?
Black_X  9/11/2011
Most Greek names I know of which feature "ae" are pronounced with and "EE" sound - like Aesop - similarly Phaedra would be pronounced "FEE-druh"

That said I do like the sound of "FAY-druh" better.
Madyson  1/6/2012
I think the backstory of this name is pretty disturbing. Nonetheless, it does have a nice ring to it.
absolutamento  3/13/2012
I think Phaedra is absolutely gorgeous. I pronounce it fay-druh. I also think the pronunciation is intuitive. I don't much care about its back story.
Book_Reader22  5/25/2012
The English pronunciation is FEE-drə (Random House Dictionary and Collins English Dictionary).
Kate  6/2/2012
The Oxford English dictionary lists ˈfeɪdrə (FAY-druh) and ˈfiːdrə (FEE-druh) as acceptable English pronunciations of Phaedra.
I imagine the Greek and Latin pronunciations to be somewhat different.
― Anonymous User  7/26/2012
Yesterday there was a question about the mythical Phaedra on the BBC quiz show "Eggheads". I assume (this being the BBC, which prides itself on correct pronunciation of personal names and countries) that the question master got it right when he pronounced it FY-druh - I thought immediately of Hydra and this killed Phaedra as an option for me!
Just Jonquil  9/5/2012
There's a tragedy of Jean Racine, "Phèdre". So maybe it's the French form of the Greek Phaidra.
Rioghnach  3/21/2013
Phèdre is indeed the French variant of Phaedra. It is not really used as a first name, probably because of the notoriety of the play and the association with the character, which is not really positive. Also, the French prononunciation is kind of harsh : FE-dr.
Fleurdelys  4/10/2014
My name is Phaedra, and all of my friends have, up until recently, (and still do out of habit) call me Phaedie. It's a nickname my mom made up. I decided it sounds too much like a little kid name and switched over to Phaedra. I think it's a very flamboyant and yet at the same time beautiful name, and I feel like in one way it fits me, personality wise, but at the same token, I feel as if maybe it's not right. I've always been a sort of hippie chick and I feel though Phaedra is pretty and somewhat fitting, it feels a bit proper for me, so personally I am looking for a nickname or other name that suits me better. I'm yet to decide, though. I like the name.
Therainwouldfall  6/1/2014
Pretty and exotic.
firestar11  12/11/2015
Pretty, though I'm not quite sure how to pronounce it. FAY-drah? FED-rah? FEE-drah? All are pretty, though I slightly prefer FED-rah.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/9/2016
My middle name (alas) is Faye and not Phaedra. I first heard the name Phaedra in the song "Some Velvet Morning" by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood. I love the name and think it sounds mysterious and even haunting. It goes well with this song which is so about being high!
― Anonymous User  5/18/2016
I actually have this as my first name and it has been massacred in all kinds of ways. Depending on where you are from, the pronunciation varies. I go by the French spelling, but depending on whether one uses an accent grave or accent acute, the pronunciation changes. If I go by Phèdre, then it is pronounced "Fee-dra." If I used Phédre, then it is Fay-druh. I go by Fay-druh as that is how my parents pronounced it and how I have always used this name. Trust me, I've had a few French teachers try to tell me a few times how to say my name and no one can agree which accent I should use. If you use this name, I highly suggest Phaedra as it's so much easier to spell and isn't mangled nearly as much. :)
Pheetastic  9/7/2016
My name is Pheadre, I'm 45 years old and I have always loved my name. My father loved Greek mythology when I was born and he loved this name. It has always been mispronounced but I have gotten used to that. People always love it and they say the name fits me. Mine is pronounced Faydra, I do not use a nick name, I like my name as it is.
pheadreweyrick  12/21/2016
I think this is a unique name that sounds elegant and has a nice meaning. A good nickname would be "Phae", pronounced as "FEY".
Melcher96  1/6/2017
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cutenose  5/25/2017
This name was referenced in the song "Some Velvet Morning" sung by Lee Hazlewood featuring Nancy Sinatra.
― Anonymous User  10/2/2017
I do NOT like "ae" names. It just looks and sounds... I don't know, but... blech!
MarioDM02  5/1/2018

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