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No one has commented on this name? :(

Well, this name was recommended to me by someone on the boards because of my love of Phaedra. I have to say that Phaenna, although it looks kind of funny, is quite pretty!
Book_Reader22  5/25/2012
Anyone know how to pronunce it? The Fay and Enna sounds are among my favourites, but I somehow doubt it's just pronounced Fay-EN-uh.
Myosotis  6/14/2016
I would pronounce it "fah-enna," but I have no idea.
Morgan1599  7/12/2016
In original Greek, the Ph sound was an aspirated P, not an F. The closest approximate in modern English would be the "p-p-p-p-poker" in the song Poker Face.

The AE diphthong is pronounced AY as in eye.

Thus, to be perfectly historically correct, Phaenna would be Pie-nah.

However, names change with movement into other languages, for example, Pear-iss, not Pah-ree, in English (Paris). Therefore, Phaenna could legitimately and with historical precedent be pronounced variously, Fee-nah, Peh-nah, Fay-na, or Fie-na, and no one could really correct you.
― Anonymous User  3/20/2017

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