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Scottish actress Phyllida Law (Emma Thompson's mother) is a famous bearer.
― Anonymous User  2/6/2007
I love this name - it exudes sophistication.
Wordsmith  2/22/2007
May be pronounced FIL-i-də, or fil-EE-də.
erb816  8/24/2008
My life will not be complete until I meet a Phyllida.
vomiting  5/23/2010
I don't like Phyllis but I like how it means foliage. I'm glad I found Phyllida because it's prettier that Phyllis but still means foliage.
Bazinga  12/27/2011
Really like this name as a more elaborated alternative to Phyllis. Also like Liddy as a potential nickname.
ars musica  7/16/2012
It's a name fit for baby girls born in springtime, refreshing, unusual but still familiar and presentable, with a great meaning and tradition.
Purrsian  1/28/2015

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