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Movie star Ingrid Bergman named her first daughter Pia as a combination of her and her husband's initials (Peter Aaron + Ingrid). Peppermint Patty (Peanuts) is called Peppiga Pia in Sweden.
Elphi  12/16/2005
Although I think this name is pretty and feminine, there are two associations that kind of spoil it for me; Pia Zadora, famous for... What is she famous for, exactly? And of course, Andrea Pia Yates, who drowned her five children while suffering from postpartum psychosis.
elizabeth hamlet  1/20/2007
Pia Miranda, Australian actress who was in the movie Looking for Alibrandi. I kind of like this name.
― Anonymous User  8/12/2007
Pia Toscano-- inspiring Italian-American vocalist. A season 10 contestant of American Idol... finally narrowly voted off at the top 9 premier, April 7th, 2011, to the surprise and heartache of all.
Francesca  4/7/2011
The name indeed is rare in Poland, but I can recall one bearer: writer Pia Gorska.
prakash  4/19/2011
Pia Douwes is a Dutch theatre actress. She is best known for originating the role of Elisabeth in the musical of the same name.
faelivrin  10/22/2011
Pia Toscano is an American singer. She was a contestant on season 10 of American Idol.
― Anonymous User  1/6/2012
Pia Tjelta (b. 1977) is a Norwegian actress.
overtheclouds  10/20/2012
Pia Manalo is a Filipina-American actress from Barney & Friends season 1 (1992).
Hanna15  6/4/2014
Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach formerly known as Pia Romero, is a Filipino-German actress, TV Host, model and beauty queen who was crowned Miss Universe 2015 on 20 December 2015 after becoming Miss Universe Philippines 2015 at the Binibining Pilipinas 2015 pageant on 15 March 2015.
cutenose  1/20/2017
Pia Mia Perez, known professionally as Pia Mia, is an American singer, songwriter, and model from Guam. She started by posting videos of herself singing on video sharing site YouTube, later going on to star in commercials and music videos.
cutenose  2/19/2017
There was a queen named Maria Pia in Portugal.
DanielleH  7/30/2017

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