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The founder of the American Girl series: dolls, books, large store in Chicago, etc. was called Pleasant T. Rowland. I'm not sure I like this as a name, though.
susiejean  6/11/2008
Alice Pleasance Liddell is the child whom Alice In Wonderland was based on.
LMS  1/15/2009
I had no idea Pleasance was even categorised as a name. Though if Patience, Precious and Prudence are names then I suppose I shouldn't be that surprised. My personal opinion of Pleasance as a name is this: I utterly LOATHE this name. It's awful. D:
― Anonymous User  3/6/2015
I was shocked that this was an archaic name, I thought it would be that rare modern name that first appeared in like 1997.
Kidwins9  11/7/2015

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