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For some reason, the town of Portsmouth in England - a major naval base for centuries - has the nickname Pompey; as does its football club. Not a bearer of the name, exactly, but certainly famous.
Anneza  5/22/2008
It sounds very close to "pompous", and it really IS pompous.
bananarama  11/28/2008
Reminds me of the city Pompeii.
Kerules  5/29/2009
The city of Pamplona in Spain, famous for its bull race, was named for Pompey the Great who incidentally was of Celtic origin.
Anton  3/11/2010
Urg, as someone has said before, Pompey is pretty widely known as a nickname for Portsmouth here in the UK -- not something you'd want to name your child (unless you really, really liked the football team). Besides, it sounds awful, and a lot like "pompous".
dischord33  5/22/2011
Reminds me of Pompeii also.
Joy12  5/22/2011
Ancient Roman isn't a language... it's called Latin.
― Anonymous User  5/22/2014
Character in Shakespeare's 'Measure for Measure.'
SimoneKadele  1/7/2016
Looks too much like the word "pompous", as other users have noted. Also, I don't like the sound.
Jghazt333  5/22/2016
Never heard of this name. It's strange and doesn't sound like an actual name.
Luvbug86  5/22/2018

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