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There is a test that teachers have to take in North Carolina to get re-certified called the Praxis II.
YMPvt  8/20/2008
There is a well known hardware chain in the Netherlands that's called the Praxis.
renee06  11/15/2009
I find it somewhat ironic that another name for Aphrodite, the goddess of love, is a name meaning "practical." Obviously Ancient Greece is very different from today's western society, but I would've thought that one thing both societies have in common is that love is highly impractical. Hmmmm...

As far as the name is concerned, though, I'm not much of a fan. It doesn't sound like a person's name, honestly. It's almost too... scientific, if that makes sense.
erb816  9/11/2011
In terms of the epithet for the goddess Aphrodite, Praxis means "action" - as in, the action of sexual intercourse (source: theoi. Com).
New_Chloe  2/11/2014
I have a friend named Praxis and SHE seems quite proud of her name and it does seem quite pretty, and it suites her quite well.
― Anonymous User  12/3/2015

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