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Pronounced pree-yuh.
-- Elea  7/1/2006
I have a friend named Priya. It's a pretty name, but people tend to mispronounce it a lot. The most popular butchering being "pry-uh".
-- Anonymous User  7/11/2006
Judging from my school, Priya must be a very common name in India.
-- Anonymous User  1/6/2007
Priya was on MTV's TV show Sweet Sixteen.
-- bibi66  1/13/2007
I have a good friend named Priya. It's a very pretty name, but no one ever seems to know how to pronounce it. We (her friends and I) tell people that it rhymes with "chia", as in "chia pet".
-- out of the sky  9/1/2007
My favourite Indian name - a good choice in an English-speaking country too, it just seems to make more sense to an English ear than some other ones. Sounds quite cosmopolitan really! The meaning is lovely too - sweet.
-- aquamarina  2/27/2008
Incredibly popular name in India and in Indian communities.
-- lala  7/2/2008
So pretty and delicate!
-- Paris44  9/2/2008
I love this name. I feel it is unfortunate that the pronunciation will probably remind a lot of people of Prius.
-- Jamesina  6/16/2010
Priya was the name of a character on Joss Whedon's TV Show 'Dollhouse'.
-- triangle_47  4/16/2011
This was the name of Raj's sister and Leonard's girlfriend on The Big Bang Theory.
-- Bazinga  12/28/2011
The name Priya was given to 178 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
-- Oohvintage  7/17/2013
The name Priya is so pretty! One of my fave Indian girl names. :)
-- Anonymous User  7/19/2015
Priya Anjali Rai, (born December 25, 1977), also known as Priya Rai, is an American pornographic actress.
-- cutenose  5/28/2016

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