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This is in fact derived from the Greek name Persephone. Proserpina was a Roman goddess whose worship began when the Romans started to take on aspects of Greek culture.
― Anonymous User  5/2/2006
Prosperina reminds me of persperation.
― Anonymous User  11/30/2006
I love the way this sounds, but I can't really picture it on a modern person. Oh well, it's still one of my favorite names. I actually think it's prettier than Persephone, although I like that too.
susiejean  6/12/2008
I like the Greek equivalent Persephone more, the name flows more.
Megan1125  5/8/2010
I first read this name as Prosperina, which I kind of prefer the sound of, and find makes more sense with the 'prosper' bit.
Proserpina is such a goddessy name! I quite like it.
clouds  6/2/2013
"Prosperina" would be an entirely unrelated name to Proserpina (it would be a feminine diminutive of Prospero, in fact); but I agree that is does sound more euphonious than Proserpina. The latter sounds a bit too reminiscent of "serpent"; but the associations with the goddess of spring are nice. However, I definitely prefer the Greek "Persephone".
JJSkeete  4/27/2015
As the comment above noted; Proserpina does indeed sound like serpent! They are both considered to have the same etymological origins. To emerge is a possibility, another one is "to crawl." But my sources are more scarce on that one. It should also be noted that Proserpina has been synchronized to Persephone, but Proserpina is still a Roman Goddess, and has more ties to Spring, and very little to the Underworld.
cuttlefishCuller  11/24/2016

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