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Is the name of Prue from Charmed. The character is the oldest of the charmed ones, and is played by Shannen Doherty.
AboveTheName  3/3/2017
Prue Sarn is the name of the harelipped heroine in Mary Webb's novel Precious Bane (1924).
Caprice  9/11/2012
Prue Ramsay was a character in Virginia Woolf's To The Lighthouse.
― Anonymous User  4/5/2012
In the books 'Ghostgirl' (not sure who wrote it) and 'Love Lessons' (by Jacqeline Wilson) there are characters called Prue. I like this name.
Saffine Grace  1/7/2009
Prudence, Prue, Halliwell is one of sister-witches in TV show 'Charmed'.
Anjamon  9/3/2005

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