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I have that name. And I was picked on as a kid for having that name. I wasn't very proud of it. But as I grew, I became more and more accepting and now I'm very proud of it.
Jewel  8/14/2013
Sanskrit/Hindi-same meaning-daughter. [noted -ed]
lakshman  12/9/2011
This was the last name of my sisters. My big sister uses 'Rizka Ayuditha Putri' and my lil sister uses 'Rona Andini Putri'. I think it's pretty.
― Anonymous User  11/19/2011
Putri has a beautiful meaning, but looks too similar to the English word putrid to be usable.
SarahinJune  12/6/2009
Only in your opinion. The only time I began thinking of it that way was when you mentioned it.
It's true that people can get picked on for it (I also just realised that the pronunciation, when poorly executed, can sound awful), but when pronounced properly, it can really be beautiful. I know someone who's called this (though she goes by another name - by preference, because she prefers to acknowledge her ethnic rather than national roots) and she's a beautiful enough person at heart to merit this name.
seraphine_eternal  3/3/2011

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