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The Pythagorean Theorem (a²+ b²= c²) comes from Pythagoras.
rory  12/14/2007
It might be cute for a character, and I may well use it in a story some day, but I don't think I'd ever call my kid Pythagoras - he'd be in for some serious teasing when his class started learning the Pythagorean Theorem, or learning about Pythagoras himself. Plus it's quite hard to get good nicknames from, is hard to spell and pronounce and sounds (if I may say so) a little bold and presumptuous for me.
Sophannagh  12/10/2008
Pythagoras: name of the day on 10th December 2008.
Sophannagh  12/10/2008
Apollo's epithet Πυθιος (Pythios) originated from his cult in the city of Πυθώ (Pytho), which is nowadays known as Delphi. The city's name is ultimately derived from the Greek verb πυθώ (putho) or (pytho) meaning "to rot, to decay". Also check out the links below:
Lucille  9/14/2014
Pythagoras: Name of the Day on 12/10/2015.
SoccerStar  12/10/2015
I can't imagine someone with this name today. It's become associated with the triangle theorem.
xgirl  6/13/2016

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