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This name sounds best pronounced Ra-SHEL.
― Anonymous User  7/19/2005
The name will almost always be mis-pronounced as Rachel (Ray-chul) although I have encountered Rochelle, and even Michelle. (Michelle most often with the hard of hearing)
shelerella  1/28/2006
I know of one person with this name Rachelle and she pronounces it Rachel.
― Anonymous User  10/31/2006
I know one Rachelle who pronounces it ray-CHELL. I quite like this pronunciation, and I think it makes it a refreshing change to the equally lovely but more common Rachel, RAY-chul.
The Little Hyphen  11/12/2006
I got yelled at today for saying "Rah-shell" instead of "Ray-chel." I'm sorry, but if Rachelle is pronounced Ray-chel than Michelle should be pronounced Mee-chel. If your parents wanted your name to be Ray-chel, they should have named you Rachael, Rachel, or even Raychel.
jkdean  1/30/2016

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