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Why murder Rachel like this when it's perfectly lovely?
rachypiesheepbaa  2/14/2009
To the person who said that this name is 'murdering' the name Rachel, it's not. This is only a variant of Raquel, which is the Spanish and Portuguese version of Rachel.
― Anonymous User  12/30/2009
This is my middle name, and personally I've never liked it. My first name is Yvonne, and I always thought it flowed awkwardly together.

People also never seem to spell it right, and when I was little I used to associate it with the word "racquet".
xxchocolatecherry  2/19/2010
This is just a popular misspelling of "Raquel." The English variant of the name is "Rachel." I love my name and this is just butchering it.
Lunabahia  12/30/2010
I have a friend with this name, and I like it, as well as Raquel. It's only one letter off. A real misspelling would something like Rayquelle.
― Anonymous User  5/28/2011
To me, as this is my name and my culture, it smacks of disrespect. "Oh, I like that name in Spanish. I can't be bothered to figure out how it's spelled, though." Really? Look up Raquel Welch.
Lunabahia  10/23/2016

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