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Also used in Bulgarian.
rositsa  12/2/2004
Radko Mladic is a Serbian war criminal.
garethbutler  4/15/2006
The Serbian war criminal is Ratko Mladic, not Radko.
Ivayla  5/14/2006
Radko isn´t the Czech form. It is Radek.
Karcoolka  7/6/2007
The South Slavic name Ratko is today usually said to derive from "rat" meaning "war". Originally however, it was more often than not an alternative (phonetic) spelling of Radko, since they are pronounced in pretty much the same way: RAHT-kaw. So, etymologically Ratko derives from "rad" or "rat", the two forms having merged.
goricar  4/15/2010

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