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It was my impression that the "rad" root in this name was related to the Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian verb "da radis", meaning to work. Cf. "Radomir"
HBejker  2/23/2005
It means "radost přinášející" (´joyful´) in Czech.
Pronounced as "RAH-daw-van".
Pet forms: Radek, Radan, Dovan.
Karcoolka  6/16/2007
Also used in Slovenia.
earthnut  7/20/2007
Prince Radovan is character from fairy-tale "Princezna se zlatou hvězdou na čele" (1959). He was played by Josef Zíma.
Maggie_Simpson  10/29/2007
Another variant: Radan, Radko, Radoje, Radowan.
Emilie007  5/28/2008
Radovan Krejčíř, businessman
Radovan Lukavský, actor and pedagogue
Radovan Myslík, DJ and moderator
Radovan Karadžić, politician
Radovan Zogović, poet
Radovan Jelašić, economist
Emilie007  11/24/2008
I don't like this name. Makes me think of Radovan Karadzic and the war crimes he committed.
bananarama  3/16/2009
To me, the second element easily looks like the Slavic passive voice suffix. So, the name Radovan is actually from the passive voice of the verb "radovati" meaning "to joy, gladden, make happy". The meaning of Radovan would be "one who brings joy".
goricar  11/15/2009
It's so bitterly ironic that the root of Radovan is apparently "care." Although I am not from the Balkan Peninsula, I would imagine that this name is as unusable there as Adolf is in Europe and America. All I can think of is Radovan Karadžić and the atrocities he committed in the name of "ethnic cleansing."
erb816  3/21/2012
Radovan Vlajkovic (18 November 1922 – 12 November 2001) was a Yugoslav politician who served as Chairman of the Collective Presidency of Yugoslavia from 1985 until 1986.
Nichiyoubi  5/7/2016

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