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I think that this name sounds like somebody that lives in West Virginia on a rural farm and has no running water and has to walk ten miles in the snow.
lunalovegood  9/7/2006
Sounds more like an athlete - especially a surfer girl - to me. It sounds young and energetic, yet with self control. It is a ray (rae) of sunshine that brightens people's day.
Miracle1980Olympics  6/16/2007
I think this name is kind of interesting, actually.
Eee  7/18/2007
It sounds like praline.
Bellula  8/2/2007
"Hey you kids get away from the Raelene!" Sounds too much like the word railing to me.
SMHRS  9/2/2007
Raelene Boyle is an Australian athlete (sprinter). She was the first women to carry the Australian flag into the opening ceremony at the Montreal Olympics in 1976.
nafer1  9/29/2007
Sounds like some people want to go back to the country, and back to 1950s America in the country, to be precise, and to have a daughter that grows up to be an utter ditz who marries some dimwit guy at the age of 18.
slight night shiver  5/3/2008
Very beautiful name for very beautiful people.
Bwilson  9/30/2009
Very redneck and ugly. Ughh.
Chrila96  11/27/2010
Yuck. This name has "REDNECK!" written all over it.
bananarama  3/22/2012

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