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On the soap opera Guiding Light, Gus and Natalia's son is named Rafe.
-- Anonymous User  10/13/2007
The only Rafe I've ever known used it at a short form of Rafael (pronounced RAYF-ay-el).
-- Anonymous User  3/8/2008
In Hebrew orthography the Rafe or Raphe, (Hebrew: øôä, meaning "soft"), is a diacritic ¯ : a short horizontal overbar placed above the consonant which indicates a softer form of a consonant.
-- Anonymous User  3/19/2008
This is the name of Ben Affleck's character in the movie Pearl Harbor.
-- Essi  5/28/2008
This was the name of a con man who helped Xena in the TV programme Xena The Warrior Princess, pronounced "RAY-f". I like it pronounced that way; I think it sounds cheeky and distinguished. :D
-- Laurisgirl  8/15/2008
Very sleek and handsome. I really hate it when Rafe gets relegated to "nickname only" status for the unrelated Raphael which is far too much name for me. Rafe is a full name and an old one.
-- Anonymous User  11/23/2008
I think Rafe is wonderful, unique name. I plan to name my first son this.
-- Anonymous User  1/3/2009
Ugly name. Reminds me of the word "rape".
-- angolmois  6/26/2009
I don't think that Rafe is anything like Ralph. In fact, it's a much better and more handsome name than Ralph. It should be considered its own name. It's very modern and masculine.
-- lil_bri_11  1/19/2010
Rafe is my favorite boy name! It's handsome, short and sweet and youthful yet mature for an adult. If I have a son, I want to name him this, specifically after my grandfather, who's name was Ralph. I like the name Rafe on it's own though.
-- Anonymous User  4/5/2015
It makes me think of the word "Rape" too much. Ugh, horrible name.
-- Anonymous User  4/9/2016
The name Rafe was given to 82 boys born in the US in 2015.
-- HerculePoirot  6/22/2016

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