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Raffaella Roberta Pelloni (born in Bellaria on 18 June 1943), better known by her artistic name Raffaella Carrà, is an Italian TV hostess, singer and actress. She is especially popular in her native country and in Spain and Latin America where during the past decades she has conducted numerous popular TV shows, mainly in the Italian (RAI) and Spanish (TVE) national TV channels.

She had a big hit song with Tuca Tuca written by her long-time collaborator and boyfriend, Gianni Boncompagni. She had another long relationship with Sergio Japino.

She starred in the motion picture Von Ryan's Express (1965) with Frank Sinatra, Edward Mulhare, and Trevor Howard. Her greatest international hit single was "A far l'amore comincia tu".
sweetbabe  12/31/2006
A wee bit too frilly for me. Makes me think of an old lady's poodle with ribbons on every curl.
Lady Seashell  3/2/2008
I think it's a beautiful name. It was my grandma's name until she legally changed it to Rae because she hated it. Except she spelled it "Raphaella." She's Italian so I don't know why it wasn't spelled the way it says on here.
Liesl  2/11/2010
Raffaella Reggi (born 27 November 1965) is a former professional tennis player from Italy.
Aledis  8/8/2017

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