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At once, it is both refreshing and a welcomed natural name that can grow with a person.
-- Anonymous User  12/10/2005
I love the name Rain. When I was in 7th grade, I knew this one girl named Rayne, and I love how it is spelled.
-- sky_eyes  12/13/2005
Very pretty. I don't know that I would consider it for a first name, but as a middle name it is lovely.
-- beautyofwords9  3/9/2006
Rain Phoenix is a famous bearer.
-- Anonymous User  4/19/2006
Another version of this name is Rayne. It carries a bit of a fantasy, dreamy quality.
-- avalah  8/9/2006
I love this name, very beautiful. I actually like Rainie. Rain and Rainie are often used as a nickname for Lorraine. If I was going to use the name Rain I would spell it Rayne. With the name Rain you might get jokes about the weather or people making comments about needing an umbrella when you walk in the room.
-- Anonymous User  8/26/2006
On another name website it says the name Rain is American meaning abundant blessing from above.
-- Anonymous User  8/26/2006
Rain is the name of a horse in the movie 'Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron'.
-- Anonymous User  8/29/2006
This would be a great name for someone who was born on a rainy day.
-- Taydbug112  12/6/2006
I grew up in a desert, and now live in a place that rains more or less every day. It's kind of special to me. I would consider naming my kid this.
-- Dray  12/31/2006
I like Rayne better. Rayne seems unique and beautiful, whereas Rain is just an ordinary word.
-- bibi66  1/13/2007
Singer Corey Hart has a son named Rain.
-- tigerlilly  1/20/2007
Can also be spelled Reighn.
-- love_names  1/31/2007
I like this name, and this is my favourite spelling. It sounds very natural.
-- scarletquillraven  2/17/2007
I adore this name for both genders, I am really considering using it one day.
-- tigerlilly  2/27/2007
Hi! My name is Madison Rein (kre8iv spelling for Rain) and growing up I didn't really like my name. However, now I love my name and it fits perfectly. I like how it sounds nice, quiet, and refreshing. For a first name I would personally go with Reina because otherwise your child may endure some teasing. Rain Rain Go Away. Rainy Day. Rain Cloud. But that's just my opinion from what I've grown up enduring. Thanks.
-- 07Grad  6/24/2007
Rainn Wilson (born Rainn Dietrich Wilson) is an actor, most famous for his role as Dwight Shrute on the American version of "The Office". He's also appeared in movies such as The Last Mimzy and My Super Ex-Girlfriend, among many other films and TV shows.
-- trayc53  7/17/2007
Rahne (Pronounced like Rain) Sinclair ("Wolfsbane") is a character from the X-Men comics.
-- koalakitten  8/28/2007
There is a Mortal Kombat character named Rain. He was born in Edenia, but he is a traitor and first appeared in UMK3.
-- aquaspirit96  10/2/2007
Rain, Korean pop star. ("Bi" in Korean)
-- Dray  10/22/2007
This would be a good name for someone who was born on a rainy day.
-- FairyGirl  2/14/2008
Sounds like a hippie to me.
-- SingingDove114  3/20/2008
This is a great name, but it's already overused as a middle name. To make the purists foam at the mouth, I'll say that I like this name spelled Rainn.
-- slight night shiver  5/3/2008
While they might endure some teasing, Rain, spelled exactly the way it is, is very natural and peaceful. I'm currently writing a book, and Rain is the main character of it. I love the name, and unlike some names, it's beautiful to me every time I hear it.
-- themoongirl  6/8/2008
Rain could be a nickname for Miranda. I think? I had a friend named Miranda and her nickname was Rain. I guess it's because you can spell Rain in Miranda.
-- Anonymous User  2/21/2009
Rain Ocampa was a central character in the movie "Resident Evil." She was played by actress Michelle Rodriguez.
-- erb816  3/2/2009
Stripper name!
-- Anonymous User  6/25/2009
Very tacky.
-- Kerules  6/26/2009
This name is very tacky-sounding. Rain.
-- -Julia-  7/31/2009
Maybe as a nickname it is okay. It's just way overused/becoming overused.
-- Alora  12/21/2009
Too sentimental for my taste.
-- lucyskydiamonds  1/17/2010
You shouldn't name people after precipitation. What's next, Hail? Sleet? Lake-Effect Snow?
-- kazoopilot  2/5/2010
What's different between "Rain" and "Lake-Effect Snow" as names is that Rain is vague enough to work.
-- bathos  5/22/2010
_Swallow Rain_ is a song by the Visual Kei band Sadie.
-- shotgun_wedding  3/21/2010
Personally I wouldn't name someone Rain in case of any teasing they might have to endure. However, if I did, I would spell it Raine just to be slightly more different from the precipitation rain.
-- Anonymous User  6/18/2010
It seems like a very refreshing, pleasant-sounding name to me. But if I named my child this, I would be sure to give them a more normal middle name they could go by if they didn't like it.
-- Jesussaves7193  6/18/2010
I would like to state that this is my name. Spelled the same. I think it's a lovely name and people should not be put off by the spelling. I've had it for a good long time and barely ever get teased about the weather, or songs, or anything else. But I have personally struggled with the fact that men have it, because it's not very manly and also makes me feel that my name is less pretty. Just some things to think about.
-- Anonymous User  12/29/2010
I know someone named Rainy but I don't know if it's their real name or not. Also, when I see the name Hailey I actually do think of hail.
-- Anonymous User  1/22/2011
Call me crazy, but I think the combo "Rain Storm" is quite appealing... (for a boy).
-- Anonymous User  2/16/2011
Sounds wonderful and the meaning is wonderful, but it's too hippie-like and childish.
-- Louska  2/21/2011
For a girl, I really like this name. It's simple, yet very pretty. I think it's very feminine. I wouldn't make this my daughter's first name, but it would be really pretty as a middle name.
-- PrincessLeia  7/2/2011
I like Rain for a boy. It sounds masculine to me. It's a good name!
-- Anonymous User  11/17/2011
I do like this name, I don't know for a first name, but I like it for a middle or nickname.
-- blueeyesparkle  12/6/2011
This is a nice sounding name, although it looks better as Raine because it's more like a name that way... not Rayne though, that looks a bit tacky.
-- JazzMilo  4/13/2012
I have a cousin with this name and he is a boy and he does not get made fun of for his name. So for any of you wondering if this name could work on a boy, it can.
-- Icycoldhot  9/6/2013
Rain also derives from the Latin name Regina, meaning queen.
-- KimiArain  10/17/2013
My middle name is actually Rain, and growing up, I thought it was weird. But, having the name Summer Rain is kind of cool. :D.
-- KimiArain  10/17/2013
My name is Rain and I was born in the 80's in a small town in the South. I was teased a little, but as an adult people love my name. I hear almost daily how beautiful it is. My middle name is very plain and common, Clair with no e. Clair is a family name and I think my parents did that in case I wanted to go by it instead. I now live in SoCal and my name isn't even unusual here. It fits right in with all the other hippie names. I was the only Rain I knew until recently, but now I regularly meet little boys and girls with the first or middle named Rain/Raine/Rayne/Reign. I worked as a model in Los Angeles for 10 years and think my name helped me get jobs. It works very well for someone in the entertainment industry. People always remember my name and I often am called Rain Clair as if it's one whole name instead of a first and middle name.
-- Wordgirl  3/7/2014
Very beautiful. :)
-- InazumaElevenFangirl  8/24/2014
My name's Raine Bower. I'm a 17 year old male and I've never been made fun of because of my name. I was born on an extremely rainy day, and just when it was getting really bad, a HUGE rainbow came right over the hospital I was born in. Hence the middle name Bower. I love my name! It defines my personality perfectly. I love bright colors and I'm always and bubbly and stuff!
-- Raine_Bower  10/10/2014
Rain is a really common male first name in Estonia. Lots of locally famous Rains here.
-- karlsson3  3/22/2015
My daughter's name is Rayne. I love it! We get compliments on her pretty name all the time!
-- Anonymous User  6/14/2015
Heard this only as girls name. Very nice name. Preferred spelling is Rayne.
-- Mama5  6/14/2015

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