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Very popular Bulgarian female name. Alternative origin - Ray - which in Bulgarian means paradise.
rositsa  12/2/2004
It's a Czech name. Not Polish. We don't use it. [noted -ed]
Kicia  1/1/2006
It's NOT a Czech name! It sounds well, but not in Czech Republic. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  1/19/2006
The Bulgarian name "Raina" (also written "Rayna" in the site) has nothing to do with "Regina"! "Raina" originates from the Bulgarian word "rai" meaning "paradise" as a noun ("rai" is pronounced [rai], where [ai] is a DIPHTHONG, not [rai] with a stress on the "a", like the Italian television). Most probably the confusion comes from the pronunciation of "rai" - the fact that people who see the name written "Raina" or "Rayna" pronounce it [raina] with a stress on the "i" or on the "a", but not [raina] with the DIPHTHONG [ai], in which case the stress falls on the whole "rai".
iva_toneva  5/24/2006
The Bulgarian "Raina Yakimova", who was born on 15th December, 1934, in Burgas, Bulgaria, known as "Raina Kabaivanska", is one of the most famous Bulgarian opera singers. In the 2nd half of the 20th century she was one of the most popular soprano singers. Some of her roles are in "Otello", "Don Carlo", "La Traviata", "Il Trovatore", "La Forza del Destino", "Tosca", "Roberto Devereux", "Rienzi", "Queen of Spades", "Capriccio", "La Verstalle".
iva_toneva  5/25/2006
In addition to "queen" and "paradise", I've seen Raina on another website with the meaning "peaceful". I also associate it with the English word rain.
― Anonymous User  9/5/2006
"Ai" in "Raina" is pronounced as a diphthong [ai], but not [ei] like in "rain", "rein" and "reign"!
iva_toneva  2/6/2007
Raina is a beautiful name for a girl. I like the nickname Rainie.
― Anonymous User  5/10/2007
"Raina" literally means "sun"!
raina  11/7/2007
Love this name, it's pretty and just different enough from Rain that the child wouldn't be teased. I also love the nickname, Rainie. :D
Laurisgirl  8/15/2008
Raina Petkoff is the heroine of George Bernard Shaw's comedic play "Arms and the Man" (1894), set during the Serbo-Bulgarian War of 1885. Shaw specifically notes that her name is pronounced "rah-EE-na". She is a young, aristocratic Bulgarian woman. One night, a Swiss soldier climbs into her bedroom, seeking refuge from the battle raging outside. She hides him, even though she thinks he is a coward. Later, they fall in love.
― Anonymous User  8/29/2008
Raina is the name of a character from "The Sword of Truth" saga written by Terry Goodkind.
winterglow  1/4/2009
Queen Rania of Jordan, wife of current King of Jordan.
imojeen  7/1/2009
My friend is pregnant with her first child and the name 'Raina' has been decided to give her. Personally I think it is very interesting, and beautiful.
SweetieRae16  2/17/2010
I think this is a sweet name and suits that of a sweet little girl, because I know a little girl with this name and she is more than sweet, and so smart and charismatic. But it can remind you of a rainy day. I like saying this name and hearing it, so it's a good choice.
― Anonymous User  5/16/2010
Raina Troy was a main character on the American TV series "Shark", portrayed by Sophina Brown.
― Anonymous User  1/30/2011
Raina Hein, a contestant on the TV series "America's Next Top Model".
― Anonymous User  1/30/2011
This name is beautiful! So elegant and classy.
― Anonymous User  6/10/2012
I don't really like this spelling, but I like Reina.
SEC908  10/25/2012
I have a friend with a young daughter who was named Raina. She told me it meant the moments just after a rainstorm. You know, the clean smell, the sun peeks through the clouds, a rainbow in the sky, the birds start to chirp, everything seems so clean, fresh and renewed. That will always be my favorite definition.

I haven't seen her in years but I always think of her when it rains.
steve  4/14/2015
It means "Peaceful Sky" in Tahitian.
Julie_Serra  7/27/2016
Raina is a character on the Marvel show Agents of Shield.
― Anonymous User  12/18/2016
I love this name but prefer the spelling Rayna.
― Anonymous User  1/11/2017
The name Raina was given to 341 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Raina are female.
― Anonymous User  6/7/2017
I feel like it is a simple name even though it is not common. Weird.. I mean my reaction, not the name.
― Anonymous User  6/26/2017
I like this name, not popular and lovely.
Phoenix Gemstone  6/26/2017

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