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It is written Ramūnas, not Ramunas!
[noted -ed]
monie  6/1/2007
I just wanted to note that although the name Ramūnas is indeed ultimately derived from Lithuanian 'ramus' meaning "calm", it also contains the Lithuanian (masculine) patronymic suffix -ūnas. For more information about that suffix, please see:

- "On the distribution of personal names with the suffix -(i)ūnas in the seventeenth century" written by Vitalija Maciejauskienė: (in English)
- "Lithuanian Names" written by William R. Schmalstieg: (in English; also gives an example of a given name that is similar in construction to Ramūnas: Arūnas, which comes from from 'aras' meaning "eagle" plus the suffix -ūnas)
- (in English)

With that said, here are other sources for the name Ramūnas that might be of note:

- (in German)
- (in Lithuanian; mentions that Ramūnas comes from the name Ramas, which itself is derived from Lithuanian 'ramus' meaning "calm")
- (in Lithuanian)
- (in Lithuanian)
- (in English; mentions that Ramūnas contains the suffix -ūnas). [noted -ed]
Lucille  4/7/2017

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