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Randi is also a Norwegian famale name, a form of Ragnfrid. This Randi is pronounced as "RUN-dee".
-- Ylva  4/24/2006
On another site I saw the meaning wolf shield.
-- blackgoodbye  8/8/2006
This is my first name and it's not short for anything. I was named afer an uncle. Unless you want people to think your daughter is a boy before meeting her or seeing her name written down, make it short for Miranda or something. The only other female Randis I know of were the chick from my big fat obnoxious fiance (or whatever the show was called) and a girl from my old school who is 3 years younger than me. Also in India it means slut or something along those lines. Yay me. In Britain the male spelling can mean horny.
-- blackgoodbye  8/8/2006
Sometimes used as a nickname for Miranda.
-- Anonymous User  4/1/2007
If you use it, do consider that Randi is a VERY masculine name.
-- name searching  4/6/2007
I absolutely hate this nickname for Miranda. It sounds masculine and trashy.
-- slight night shiver  5/3/2008
This has been my God given name all 25 years of my life. It is not short for anything and I disagree with some of these posts. It is not a trashy name, in fact I have had many compliments on my name throughout my life, some have even told me it was beautiful. I have researched the meaning of my name and in Scandinavian culture it means "beautiful adviser".
-- looneybinrn  4/10/2011
I am not a fan of this diminutive for female usage... I definitely associate it with the male gender. If you are uncontrollably bent on naming your daughter "Randi" please consider it as a strict nickname for Miranda (.. which is not a favorite.. but it's better) or some other similar title.
-- Francesca  7/14/2011
My sister's name is Randi, she was born in 1968. My mom clearly liked unique names. I've noticed the name Randi for a female becoming quite common. As long as a female spells it Randi or Randie - please leave the "y's" to the boys.
-- blake7134  10/25/2011
Randi is common for striped cats in Sweden, since "randig" (striped) is usually pronounced "Randi'" in spoken language.
-- Caprice  10/24/2012
I have had the name Randi for 29 years now and I'm a female who's not trashy! I was named after a lot of great men in my family except they are all Randall and I'm just Randi. I'm proud of my name and the strong men I was named after.
-- rmcgraw  5/13/2014
It's also used in Norway where, strangely enough, it has never ranked over #10 but ranked #10 for seven years, including 1925, '27, and '48 to '52.
-- Quamalamalam  1/16/2015
Why go by a masculine sounding nickname like Randi when you could go by Mimi or Miri?
-- Anonymous User  6/12/2015

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