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My name is Raya (pronounced RAY-ah). I like boons. :)
rayaTheBoonFarmer  5/23/2018
My name is Raya and its pronounced ray-ah. Most people pronounce it rreye-ah, probably because of the name Maya or Mayah that is pronounced that way.
bangtanboys01  2/1/2018
My name is Raya and people always pronounce it ray-ah or Ri-ah like Mariah Carey but the right pronouniation is Rah-yuh I'm Persian and after moving to California I got used to pronouncing it Ri-ah.
Raya16542  1/28/2018
Pronunced "RAY-ah" or "RIE-ah".
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  12/27/2016
I've heard this name pronounced to rhyme with Maya.
megan_donuts  7/10/2015
I know an Irish girl whose name is Raya. She pronounces it "RAY-ah".
Sophannagh  12/24/2008

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