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I think Rayén is a very pretty, simple and cool-sounding name. I like a lot of Mapuche names, and Rayén, "flower", has to be one of my favourites. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to use it, because it sounds like Ryan in English. I would hate it if anyone thought I had named my daughter Ryan. Unless I move to Latin America anytime soon, I'd opt for the similar-sounding Sayén instead.
― Anonymous User  2/20/2010
Actually, the name is written "Rayén", with "é" and it means "flower" in Mapudungún, the Mapuche language. Mapuches are native Americans that still live in Chile and Argentina, South America.
guaton  2/11/2006
Pronunciation: ra-YEN
guaton  2/11/2006
The usage of the name could also be considered Spanish, because it has become very popular in Chile. It was one of the 100 most common names in 2004 and 2005.
Demonstration: visit Chile's civil registry website and search for "Rayen".
[noted -ed]
guaton  2/11/2006
I think that Rayen is a beautiful name. I want to name my first daughter that. My birth name is Ryann Racheal, but everyone calls me Rayen. One day I thought of rain, and didn't want to spell it like that so I thought real hard and came up with Rayen pronounced "rain".
RayenAubrey  11/22/2005

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