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I think this name is unique and cool, it sounds like a name for a punky rebel girl or boy! Good name, it should be used more!
lakin5  10/23/2011
Good, short yet interesting name. One of my Top 5 Favorites! Preferably masculine.
Thumbs  3/7/2012
Punky. Couldn't really imagine this for a real person, but I will always associate this name with Raz Warlo, a Disciple from the horror/fantasy novel series 'The Demonata'.
Thumbs  6/22/2014
My name is Raz. I think this name is very cool even though I would change it if I could. It is a Hebrew word meaning "secret". It is masculine in my case but there are a lot of women holding this name.
RazEshelAAS  11/27/2017

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