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I named my son Reece after his grandmother Anna Reese. I think the "S" is used more for girls and candy. It is also a great name to go with a twin girl or sibling named Annalise.
-- ajmom  2/10/2006
I love the name Reece for a boy. I am not too sure of it for a girl.
-- Anonymous User  4/25/2006
The ever beautiful and fabulous Reece's Candy.
-- Tudor  6/14/2006
Reece (or Reese) look greasy and chav. Rhys is the appropriate spelling and the pronunciation should be a no brainer by now. Not to be used on girls unless you like ultra masculine names in the vein of Ralph, Hugo or Dick McPeter.
-- Anonymous User  9/30/2006
Love it! It's handsome and very cool.
-- Jasmine  3/29/2007
My name is Reece. I was named after my mom's maiden name. I was the only person I knew of that had that name when I was younger, but when I got to high school I find three or four, most spelled Reese, though. It's a good name, unique, but if you name your child just know that they won't go a day in their [at least early] life without being called Reece's Peanut Butter Cups, or asked if they were named after candy. Oh, and know that people will always spell their name 'Reese' upon first writing.
-- Reecet21  5/19/2007
Laird Hamilton and Gabrielle Reece named their daughter Reece Viola and call her Viola.
-- jaimej  6/30/2007
I love this name Reece :D. My beautiful little boy is Reece John. I love this name for my baby, it suits him! I named him Reece after a very special little boy I knew.
-- Anonymous User  8/6/2007
Reece Gilmore is the main character of Angel's Fall by Nora Roberts. She is a girl.
-- spaz123  9/5/2007
It's a nice, simple, pleasant-sounding name, even if a bit plain, but it reminds me of Reese Witherspoon too much.
-- slight night shiver  5/3/2008
I love the name Reece as the middle name for a girl. I think that Reece looks and sounds feminine, but the spelling Rhys sounds masculine.
-- Grace_Scarlette  10/12/2012
I agree with the comment above. I LOVE Reece for a girl, and Rhys for a boy. They are both pronounced the same way, but to me, Rhys gives off the more masculine vibe.
-- Anonymous User  10/22/2014
The name Reece was given to 178 girls born in the US in 2015.
-- HerculePoirot  6/15/2016

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