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Regulus Arcturus Black, younger brother of Sirius Black in the Harry Potter series, is a well-known, if fictional, bearer of this name.
Sophannagh  8/28/2009
Regulus is a star in the Leo constellation. It's actually a system of four stars in two pairs. Regulus is among the brightest objects in the night sky, ranked 21st in brightness, and most of the light is generated by Regulus A, a blue-white main-sequence star orbited by what is probably a white dwarf.
humblebee  10/25/2011
A famous bearer of this name was Marcus Atilius Regulus. He was an Ancient Roman General who was born in the Roman Republic (date unknown) and died in 250 A.D. Ancient Carthage. He fought in the First Punic War, Battle of Cape Ecnomus, Siege of Aspis, Battle of Adys, and the Battle of Bagradas.
AwesomeHumanBeing  9/25/2015

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